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Something was missing in plot., 13 November 2012

This movie was really diabolical one.What do you want to expect from this movie a good plot,horrorness,scary environment,honestly saying that it really ruined the expectations and hopes that people had.This movie continued to torcher me for the time that i spend in the theatre.I thought that this time Vikram Bhatt will do something unexpected but to no avail.Some scenes of this movie were same as there in 1920 like the ghost was knowing the family background of priest.

Honestly,i will say that Jia Khan was far more scary than Tia bajpai.Arjun Rathod was best in acting than the experienced Aftab Shivdsani.I really liked the songs sung by ghost that was something new added to this sequel.

Yeh Raat (2006)
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Nonsense effort done!!!, 19 July 2012

In my opinion this was nothing but waste of time.If you will analyze their is always the predictable plot in bollywood movies.This was nothing but crap,many boring scenes,hilarious scary scenes and nothing else.

Now,come to plot,it is simple couple's are going to a hotel for honey moon near Khandala and there they mysteriously disappear and police is after the matter.I request these Directors to kindly take a look to Evil Dead movie and see how Sam Raimi was able to shock the people in 1980's when there was not much technology.

I think it is totally waste of money to buy DVD of this movie.My vote for this movie is 3/10.

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Better emotional drama., 22 February 2012

Recently,i saw this movie at theater and i found it pretty emotional drama.What is the storyline of the movie is that Gul(Udita Goswami)is a girl who goes to Mumbai to achieve success and while leaving her mother gives her a diary to record her day to day activities and a note.

During her Journey for success in a Fashion house,she uses people stairs to reach to the peak of success.she also takes her mother's diary and note as a joke.Soon she realizes that she has hurted feelings of people and wants to correct those mistakes and begins to take interest in her mother's diary and note.But soon she realizes the truth of Mumbai and corporate world,and wants to remain what she is know.

Udita Gosawmi with a new look was good to watch.Songs were good and i think it is a good movie to watch for womens rather than for mens.

My vote for this movie is 5/10.

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Totally fail concept., 19 February 2012

I recently saw this movie,this sequel is really a bad stain on it's previous one's.What is the storyline of the movie is that Milla Jovovich is again on the mission to save the people from that deadly virus.Nothing new is seen in the movie,really poor concept.

I really expected a lot from this movie,but it disappointed me and i think i have wasted my money to watch this in the theater.Look at the Milla,she is giving her 100% but what is really lacking is the good concept.Action's were good to watch by Milla but we can't compare it with previous sequels.

In my opinion it is waste of money to watch this movie and nothing else.My vote for this movie is 3/10.

Wafaa (2008)
Poor concept but still worth to watch., 6 February 2012

Well,i recently watched this movie and honestly say that it really disappointed me,really poor and weak concept but still coming of the legend Rajesh Khanna after a long ago was good to watch.What is the story is that Rajesh Khanna has married a very young woman(Laila Khan)who after marriage is not satisfy sexually with him and starts her affair with another man Raj secretly,but soon she is caught in big problem when her old husband comes back.

Now after analysing the story you will be able to think that there is nothing new in this movie to waste money for.Some bold scenes in the movie by Laila Khan was good.My vote for this movie is 4/10.

Kushti (2010)
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Good and simple comedy., 24 January 2012

Recently,i saw this movie and i was not able to differentiate whether this was Priyadarshan's creation or not.Rajeev Kumar(Director) has done pretty much like the Priyadarshan.The story is simple,letter's of both the wrestler's in each other's home due to confusion creates a revolution in the movie,while this confusion is continue,Postman Chandair is secretly in love with one of the Wrestler's daughter and can only marry her when he will win the wrestling against the king of wrestler's "The Great Khali".

Although,the movie is failed on the Box Office but yet the coming of "The Great Khali" has increased the response of the people.

I will tell you go and watch it you will really enjoy the movie.Thanx

Rokkk (2010)
Simple,horror and modification of Grudge., 24 January 2012

Well,when i saw this movie it remind's me of Grudge movie at many scenes and it is only the modification of Grudge with some songs and some changes.

This is a simple and short horror flick showing how married couple is under the curse of spirit in the house.Don't expect too much from it,because these are the kind of movies which satisfy you only once and after that you will lose interest in them.

I will really praise the Acting of Tanushree Dutta,how she is fighting with the curse and increasing the viewer's interest in it.Udita was not too bad but yet we can't ignore other's role.

Go and watch,but at night so that it will scare you more.Thanx

Chase (2010/I)
Again one of the nonsense movies., 23 January 2012

I really expected something new from this movie but it really disappointed me.This is only the wastage of the money and nothing else. Jag Mundhra(Director) after "Shoot at Sight" again with a poor concept, hurted us badly.

There were some thing's in the movie which were not so bad like Scenery,Suspense,Thrill,Romance but what was really lacking was a good concept.Udita gives her best performance in every movie but yet there seems something lacking in her acting.

Timing in the movie,music,Dialogues all were disgusting and i really felt bored after the intermission.

Anyway,i am giving an advice to the Director that Plz make that kind of the movies which really effect the people and avoid these old concept because viewers are now fed up from these stories like many persons searching for truth and confusion in everything.

Plz,i am not writing a spoiler,it is only my opinion and there is really not any rivalry.My rating for this movie is 3/10.

Tales of the ancient but executed well, 23 January 2012

I have seen this movie in a theater and it remembered me of the past when people were buried in the Pyramids to preserve them for the future.

See,the Imothep how he aroused from the dead and he had also the regenerative power like most of the Bacteria in science world.

I think the aim of the Director was to show the viewer's how the people in the past Egypt were believing in various Myth's and something about there culture.

Well this movie has enjoyed me so much and i will ask the people go and watch,this Action packed movie.Thanx

Raaz (2002)
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Excellent creation by the Bollywood., 23 January 2012

Well,i think that this movie is romantic,thriller and full of suspense.Vikram Bhat has executed this movie in good order and the Dialogues in the movie were excellent.The timing of music and the songs all were excellent.

I didn't really know that was this movie a sequel of English movie "What Lies Beneath" but i found that if we compare the plot of both the movies then Secret is well plotted.

All the characters were amazing and i think this movie is Bipasha's turning point in her career.I request you to go to the Theatres and watch this romantic,horror,thriller movie and Analyse how Bollywood is making efforts to improve there art in these kind of the movies.

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