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Just a list of my favourite anime. Some may not be considered classics etc, but I watched them so long ago that I'm so attached and probably think they are more amazing than they actually are. <3
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Films that I just love from EVERY genre! (: Cartoons, horrors, thrillers, comedies etc! -STILL FINISHING-
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This is just what I think so I'm sorry if everyone doesn't agree! -still completing-
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A list of horror and thriller films, that I like. Its just what I like, I'm not saying that they're going to be everyone's favorites so don't criticize me too much just because yours may not be in here. ~ [Still kind of under construction. @_@ Too lazy to add more atm, will add later.]
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A bunch of people that have evil/scary/psycho/creepy looking faces. ~ Kinda still working on this list. ~