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Battleship (2012)
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Reference Sun Tzu the art of war, 22 September 2013

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The only thing I liked the most was the cool cgi aliens. There submarines in the movie. As for the moron lieutenant who understands nothing about the book sun tzu "the art of war" there is no believability in him as a leader at all, his leadership is as believable as rhiannas acting LOL. The tactics are so stupid in the final battle with the Missouri vs the alien mother ship firing at point blank range while making it power slide when it could quite easily hit the mother ship at long range with forward guns and smash the comms sight in Hawaii with the rear guns at the same time. There is nothing likable at all in this so called hero just a stupid narcissist with no brain in a losing battle. I would suggest more than just writing lessons for the moron that made this movie some history lessons and try watching das boot or history channel would be a good start!

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Titanic was a better sinking ship, 25 January 2012

Considering James Cameron's track record of first class movies he must of been stoned while making this! This is the worst military scifi I've ever seen (If I can find something worse then I will give it a 2 star) There is absolutely no military drama in it what so ever!, the back story is none existent, nobody is good at fighting at all with or without guns(watch jet lee or Jacky Chan if you want good kungfu)for espionage drama "james bond" it isn't, crime drama "sons of anarchy" or "sopranos" it isn't. There seems to be no military consultancy hear at all, as to why a super power that America is needs genetically engineered children for prepubescent commando training locked in a loony asylum? again universal soldier has done far better than this with a better cast. To get to the point as to what I know of personal military experience? You get nice soft people drunk on large doses of alcohol with regular fitness training to transform intelligent people into a more aggressive killing machine! Again absolutely no drama has been written. As to the so called escape there is no team drama these super intelligent prepubescent commando's dump each other like garbage and fail to survive as a team! So what is this garbage all about? really did these people ever go to a drama class , I'd say put the writers in front of a firing squad! I'm currently serving in Afghanistan in hellmand province camp bastion and see nothing strong to relate to the military, is this an anarchist's view of the military? I would suggest the writers start reading sun tzu's "The art of war", Nicolo Machiavelli's "The prince" & Robert Baer's "See no Evil" to start the basics of Military political drama, Even with this being made before the credit crunch it packs no punch what so ever, very sad