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What piece of crap!, 31 December 2012

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I saw this film and nothing is new. When Ken has no images to steal from files he uses a clock on a wall. This is to prevent us from being bored,but it does not work. He tired to recreate the room they were taped in, but failed. That is not how it looked at all. I know how it looked. I am the video tech who made the videos. The DA tries to state who is in the room with the defendant, but fails...she leaves out the most important person in the whole room...the video tech. Without the videos,the DA office has nothing.

"I am ADA Lederer also present in the room is.......and leaves me out every time. The only star in the movie are the videos. They made the case, and without them you have no story. And I know the truth about them and many more confession tapes in the DA office.All of the tapes from that time frame must be reviewed as they all have serious problems..

Real crime video confessions, 17 September 2011

Based on the experiences of a CSI video technician, Confessions of crime consists of weekly episodes of various crimes that were confessed on video tape. Most are homicides where the defendant will confess to the crime without remorse.In the early days of CSI, criminals were not afraid to talk to District Attorneys on video tape, as the technology was new to both the criminal and the DA. The candor that each suspect would talk was amazing to both the police and the DA. The creator of the series, Andrew Novick, brings to the show real life experience that has to be seen to be believed. Today the use of video in CSI work is commonplace, and many defendants are hesitant to talk as freely today as they were when Mr. Novick was part of the CSI team for the DA. A must see for anyone in forensic sciences.