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This is in absolutely no order of any kind; I just add them as they come to me. But these are the performers I look forward to seeing in ANYTHING, as they can elevate any film or TV episode with their presence.
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These are the filmmakers who I've come to admire the most, or who have simply entertained me consistently over the years.
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This is my list of essential slashers that any fan of the genre ought to check out.
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The holiday themed horror movies and thrillers I've enjoyed the most over the years.
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The horror movies from across the globe that I've enjoyed the most over the years.
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Just a list of 1980s horror movies which I think are worthy of discovery or re-discovery and which die hard fans of the genre should seek out.
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One will notice from the titles I list that I'm largely a genre (horror above all) and exploitation fan, but I'm enough of a movie nut to enjoy many different kinds of movies. In addition to horror and exploitation, I enjoy comedies, dramas, sci-fi, Westerns, suspense movies / thrillers, and action flicks. Again, I just enter titles as they come to me, and don't mean to put them in any well thought out order.