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The order is based on scenes that are not purposely presented as memories of,or stories told by, characters within the films or shows.(Ex: The pre-scene in Guardians of the Galaxy can be watched independently in the timeline, as it is not presented as a memory of or a story told by a character, however the Pre-scene in Thor: The Dark World would not be watched independently because Odin is describing the events from the present tense.) I have numbered each title in the comments section so you can follow the order more easily.
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list of MCU Film and TV by release date
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My favorite movies.
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these film are those that I feels stand out above all others for their creators managed to bring about a melding of genre that laces their movies together in such a way that makes the viewer want to see what happens next. I love these movies.
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Movies based on Novels
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This list is comprised of Super Heroes, that have been in the movie format, that have the greatest "potential" strength. What that means is that the characters are at their highest "potential" strength...
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In this list all the characters are ordered based on their basic "baseline" strength. What that means is that they are at the standard strength that they normally are at physically. Take the Hulk for instance, he doesn't have a baseline strength, because his strength changes due to his actual superpower. Superman on the other hand has a "baseline" strength, because it doesn't change, for the most part.
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All things Green
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Characters that I feel are gems of the film industry.....
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the coolest characters with numerous kills under their belts...
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The best examples of what Machines are really capable of...
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Ed Norton laying on table changing into I. Hulk...
Thomas Haden Church's first transformation from Sand to his human form...
Benicio Del Toro changing into Wolfman in room full of people...
Hugh Jackman when he changes into his Werewolf form for the first time...
When Optimus Prime and the other Autobots transform in from of Shia LaBeouf's character for the first time