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Films & TV that I want to get on Blu-ray
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Films about which I am concerned about possible abuse of animals (mistreatment, on- or off-screen killings, etc.) Far too many fall into this category, and it's a sad indictment that it is so difficult to even get solid information in most cases, let alone widespread condemnation. For this list, my concern is usually based on something reasonably concrete, although I'm often far from certain about what (if anything) happened. See also my ETHICAL FEARS (ANIMALS) list.
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Films & TV I've watched since February 2011 (in order)
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Films about which the fear that they may contain animal abuse (mistreatment, on- or off-screen killings, etc.) make me more reluctant to see them than I would otherwise have been. This list is generally for films in which the above seems reasonably likely based on the little information I have (plot summary etc.) rather than anything I have concrete information about. See also my ETHICAL CONCERNS (ANIMALS) list.
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Incomplete list of films I watched before February 2011 (not in any order)
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My ratings for individual seasons of TV series
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Films about which I want more information (eg. reviews) before deciding whether I want to watch them
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Films for which I am concerned about the ethics employed in their making, relating to something other than animals.