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Behind even a forgotten war lies the memory of the fallen..., 5 November 2003

Behind even a forgotten war lies the memory of the fallen...This movie is definitely among the top 10 films ever made. It places the viewer right in the middle of the Vietnam War, grabs their emotions and sets them free. This movie commemorates the memories and makes heroes of each and every husband, brother, and son involved in a forgotten war- a war that was dismissed and frowned upon by the American nation as a whole. The film also takes the viewer into the home of the soldier. It invades the private life of the loved ones at home. We feel as though we are a part of the family in one scene, and the buddy of a fallen soldier in the next. A wife, child, friend of a soldier gone to war to fight for an ungrateful nation one minute, and the next the brave and loyal soldier. This moving and true story will take its viewer and bestow upon them a closer understanding, and a greater respect and gratefulness for our nation's true heroes.

The Tuxedo (2002)
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major thumbs down, 4 November 2003

Honestly, Jennifer Love Hewitt (Well I don't love her or her lack of talent) totally ruins the movie! Not to mention the character she plays! Her character definitely made this movie a huge disappointment. Jackie Chan was the only good thing this flick had going. It also had some humor that saves it from being a total and extreme failure. I have always enjoyed watching Jackie Chan on screen- but this film (can it even be called a film?) is not worth your time. The Idea of putting on a computerized tux is a little cool no doubt, and if JLH's character's head was a little closer to earth, (not to mention being played by someone else) this movie could have at least been rated as mediocre. This movie is a waste of time. Never have I hated a movie more than the tuxedo. Movies that are actually worth watching would include: We Were Soldiers, The Mummy, The Mummy Returns, Braveheart, The Transporter, The Italian Job, Any one of The Matrix movies, Gone In 60 Seconds, Mr Deeds, Anger Management, any Harry Potter Movie, The Lord of the Rings movies, Second Hand Lions, Saving Private Ryan, Memphis Belle, and even Finding Nemo. Summary: Don't waste your time watching The Tuxedo- it sucks big time.