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Very Entertaining!, 11 September 2006

Coming from a point of view of just a "regular person" I watched So You Think You Can Dance and fell in love. It does have a lot of the same tricks as American Idol, but there's one big and important thing that it does not share, and that is when they eliminate the contestants for the purpose that America does not pick the best dancer based on just personality. What actually happens is that America picks the bottom three couples, and then they each have 90 seconds to prove themselves(it is obvious who has practiced or not) and then the judges eliminate two of them. And I think majority of the time, the judges give very good reasons, they are not biased, they are fair. But afterwards, when it comes to the top 5 couples, they are separated and then randomly chosen for one another to see the chemistry they can have with other partners. In that voting process, America chooses who stays and who leaves, until the final four where one is chosen as America's favorite dancer. (not America's best dancer) Another thing I liked about the judging process is that they switch judges to prevent a bias, but they are usually judges of different styles just as the contestants are. The contestants are obviously chosen because of their strength in their own style, but in the process of trying out, they are tested if they can follow different sorts of choreography well to test their versatility and if they can, the judges tell if they are voted into competition or not. But throughout the competition, they do beautiful and fun pieces, which makes the show very addicting to watch because no one knows what type of dance will be chosen for them or how they will do.

Troy (2004)
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Good, not Great (spoilers), 16 May 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Most people would think this is a good movie because of hot guys like Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom and Eric Bana. Overall the movie was good, it did not really inspire me like the actual book did, but most people always say that the books are better than the movie. The fighting scenes were pretty good, but it wasn't anything new like lord of the rings, so the computerized men, sort of got old.

The best actors in that movie had to go to Eric Bana who plays Hector and Peter O Toole who plays Priam. They did awesome portraying those roles and should be honored somehow. Eric Bana was so perfect playing the honorable Hector. And so was Priam, especially when he talks to Achilles, about his dead son.

Brad Pitt, I was a little disappointed, though he had the handsome looks and great acting in other movies such as Snatch, Twelve Monkeys and Fight Club, he disappointed me with playing such a serious role of Achilles. Though, he did have to have arrogance and indifference throughout the movie, when he went to beat the big guy in the beginning, it seemed so simple for him, and i thought there should have been a scene where it could awe the crowd. Orlando Bloom played the weak and passive Paris, and it just seemed old him playing a role with a bow and arrow (not that girls will ever get tired of it).