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Great show, love the characters, 4 November 2003

I agree that the manga is better, but the manga is *always* better. Once a show comes here to America the dubbers screw it up. One way or another. Cuz they direct it at little kids and it's not a show for little kids. The duels annoy me a bit too. I like how they develop the characters and the intricate plots, i don't like watching them throw one duel monster card down after another. The friendship thing is okie, except when we get to Anzu(Tea). She exaggerates the whole friendship thing to the point where i wanna gag. I liked Serenity in the beginning too, but she's turning out to be more like Anzu and that part in the battle city finals where she wanted to take care of Mai...*gag* All in all i like it's a great show if you'll just ignore some parts of it(like Anzu...gosh i hate her) I love Ryou Bakura...*huggles plushie*