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Crowhaven Farm (1970) (TV)
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"Crowhaven Farm" Sometimes words are worth a thousand pictures., 18 September 2005

I saw this made-for-TV movie when it first aired back in the early 70's. I thought it was a very effective supernatural flick at the time. I had the opportunity to hear this movie a couple of years later on the radio while working at a dude ranch in the mountains of Colorado between Durango and Silverton. The radio selections were slim at 8500 feet, but one station carried the audio's of television movies, usually creepy or scary ones. Even though I had seen this film already, I can tell you the hair on my arms and at the back of my neck stood straight up while listening to the dialog and creepy background music. I can definitively say it was scarier than watching it. If anyone gets a chance to watch this one, or better yet, listen to it from the next room, you won't be disappointed.