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Well that was scary..., 16 December 2011

The Exorcist was beyond scary. It was a good movie that deals with quite a scary and not really well known topic and it was good. The script gives a good depth of the characters and was well written. Then of course there's the camera-work. In a scary movie like this and an exorcist movie you'd expect the filming to capture angles and the darkness. The lighting and color were excellent with great use of light and dark to convey the feeling that is necessary. Jason Miller (don't know much about him) but he was excellent and subtle, and Von Sydow and Cobb were excellent supporting actors as the priest and detective. And of course Blair is very convincing and terrifying and Burstyn as the desperate mother trying to help her daughter.

The Exorcist with great filming, lighting, coloring, script and acting really made a great movie, that was scary and hit on a huge topic of good vs evil and God.

Perhaps controversial but great either way, 16 December 2011

Do the Right Thing was an excellent movie. It was awesome, until the end, then it got frustrating. Why can't we all just get along? But it sends a good message and makes some good points. The actors were excellent and the plot and storyline were great.

Spike Lee did a great job filming the movie on one block in the city and creating the feel of a boiling hot summer day. Using orange paint to create the mise-en-scene of the stifling hot day work. The actors looked sweaty and uncomfortable in the heat and the whole set made the feeling of stifling and hot. The film was fast paced and had good editing. It ran smoothly and didn't really have a slow moment. Lee didn't go into too much detail nor did he give too much detail to give a bias. The temporal relationship was good and covered one day which was really cool how he covered one day in the movie. The music was great, especially Radio Rahim's boom box. Every time Rahim was on screen his boom box played Fight the Power which was perfect for the whole message of the movie. Another notable piece of camera-work was the closeup Lee used on his characters, especially with Radio Rahim and Sal in the end before the big riot.

This movie was excellent, great camera-work with a great controversial message that really put Lee under the microscope and scrutiny.

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Don't know what to say...awesome movie, 15 December 2011

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's nest was unbelievable. Well it was very believable because of the good acting, but you know what I mean. With stars early in their career most importantly Jack Nicholson, and others like Danny DeVito, Christopher Lloyd etc. This film's plot was very well written and very interesting. I couldn't take my eyes off the screen and hit on a soft topic and portrayed the realities of what mental hospitals were like, more of a prison than a hospital.

The movie was well paced. It didn't rush through important scenes but didn't drag and give too much detail. The editing was tight and well done. Besides for the editing, the script was well written. Each and every line was needed and perfect for each character. The sternness of nurse Ratched, the smart remarks of Nicholson, and the silent Will Sampson. The mise-en-scene, supposed to be a hospital, depicted the harsh realities of the hospital with the prison bars and very controlled environment.

If you want to see a spectacular movie with Jack Nicholson in his early prime then this is the movie to watch. It has supreme acting, a hard heart-wrenching plot to swallow, and a tightly edited movie that does not rest for a minute and keeps you thoroughly entertained.

Geesh I feel bad for Dustin Hoffman..., 9 December 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Graduate is in a sense accurate. I'm not talking about the affair with a parents friend, no, I'm talking about the pressure of coming out of college and not knowing what you're going to pursue. We join Benjamin (Hoffman) on an inner struggle of dealing with the pressure of being a college graduate and everybody wondering what he's going to do with his life. Hoffman cracks under the pressure and during his much needed time off of school falls into the snare of Anne Bancroft.

A controversial (especially for its time) storyline that has great wit, especially in the beginning when Hoffman is being seduced. The acting, especially Hoffman as a naive and inexperience graduate makes for some quite humorous scenes with the beautifully enticing, experience, and cunning Anne Bancroft. It broke trends in society, and really crossed the line with a story line like this in that time period, but it had to happen sometime.

The camera-work was excellent with many POV character shots, still shots, long shots etc. And then with the background music of Simon and Garfunkel made the movie that much more better. With great acting, camera-work, storyline, and humor this film was good despite the infidelity.

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Good movie beautifully created, 7 December 2011

2001 is a different movie, but is captured beautifully. If you're into a movie having a concrete plot and in depth characters then this movie isn't for you, but if you can appreciate the beauty of cinematography then you will enjoy this film. Despite not having the best plot and concrete in depth characters, the director does an excellent job creating beauty and putting the audience in awe of the sequences and images that are captured. They are simply put beautiful. To really enjoy it I think it should be viewed on a full theater screen, I could not imagine how magnificent that would be. But I wasn't around when it came out so my 46" TV will have to do. With the use of special effects and technology of that day Stanley Kubrick did a fantastic job creating space travel. He got as accurate as he could and it was nicely done. Simply put, given the resources that Kubrick had of the time period, and the plot, it was beautifully made and captured, and had its terrifying sequences (I.E. Hal...nuf said...)

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Well they got what they deserved..., 7 December 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Bonnie and Clyde was a good movie. It was one of the first movies with excessive violence, which was okay considering the Hays Code being long gone. It gives what the audience needed and what the audience hoped for. We all knew in the older "Shoot em up bang em ups" that the violence happened and that people were killed, but now we actually see it happen and we see people get shot, and we see blood. Bonnie and Clyde breaks the mold and puts on screen what is going on in the audiences head already.

Bonnie and Clyde was great. Not what I expected from the glamorous couple of Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway, but it was excellent. Cold blood killing, stealing from the banks, running from law enforcement, and ruining peaceful society all makes this a fantastic movie. (Not to mention the blood bags which popped when somebody was shot) In no way do I condone such things, but it works for the movie. The movie is shot nicely and is fast pace.

It paved the way for the new Hollywood and set the standard. The last scene was probably one of the bloodiest scenes in Hollywood, even to this day. Much of what was taboo in the industry like sex and violence became almost "natural" to show in all the movies now.

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Just what it is a B list movie..., 17 November 2011

Little Shop of Horrs is a B list movie, and that's about it. It wasn't terrible but it wasn't great. Had a bit of entertainment and a bit of humor. The low budget was obvious and the sets looked cheap and monster was ridiculously bad, but all of it still entertained to a point. The audio was bad, but that doesn't matter because the script was bad. It was a far-fetched horror movie, that was more comical than scary. It was a bust with small parts of entertainment and comedy.

The only highlight of this film is the appearance of the ever so young Jack Nicholson. He was good as he could be in his young supporting role. Other than him, there wasn't much good about this movie. Sorry...

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Best heist movie I've seen, 16 November 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Killing was honestly unbelievably awesome. When I think of recent heist films like the Ocean movies or Italian Job, I think that those are great heist movies, but then I saw The Killing, and it put those to shame. First, the cinematic side of it was great. It was fast moving, tightly constructed, and the lighting in each scene mattered. Take the scene where they are planning the break-in with the low key lighting, as they are centered around a table with one overhead lamp. The shadows on their face are so great you can barely make them out. The back and forth of going into the past to see the planning, and then coming present to the actual heist was brilliant. The voice over could have been done way with and was not the right voice for the voice over. But that's beside the point.

Now the plot, it was genius. Pulling people from every different aspect of life, a police officer, a track worker, a random gun expert, etc. There were no holes in the plan, except for the weak torn husband, who was naiive to his wife's adultery, which ruined the whole plan. The rest of the plot was perfect, and would have work if it weren't for the one weak husband. Everybody is killed, in two sequential bloodbath scenes which was kind of sudden and unbelievable, but the ending was the most unbelievable, and yet it still worked. The money flying all over the runway is a bit out there, but it works and leaves us angry but in awe of a great ending.

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Great musical and romance...even though i don't like musicals..., 16 November 2011

Singin' in the Rain has it all. And all of it is really good. An array of songs, a top notch cast (led by Gene Kelly), a script that contains romantic and exciting writing, and the picture and color of the movie is vivid and beautiful. Yes there are some holes here and there, and the plot is "cheesy" and silly but that's what a musical is. Cheesy, hammed up, with everyone singing and dancing. Not my take for a good movie, but Singin in the Rain was I must admit a good musical. This musical not only contains the obvious music but also contains a hint of comedy.

In a nutshell, this movie has a good screen play but is made better through the fluid directing and excellent acting and cast.

Good movie with great visuals, 9 November 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

All That Heaven Allows was a typical plot line with the upper class falling in love with the lower class, and the rest of society frowning upon it. Cary (Jane Wyman), a well-to-do upper class widow, and Ron (Rock Hudson), the gentleman landscaper of Cary, fall in love over a silver tipped spruce. Word spreads like wildfire in the small town, and most frowned upon their love, and Cary's children even despised Ron, because he was a lowly landscape gardener. But there story is beautiful, and they end up together in the end, like always.

The most beautiful aspect to this film though was not the love story, it was the photography and the color. Set in a beautiful New England town at the height of colorful autumn, we see Technicolor at its best, capturing the beauty of Jane Wyman with her bright lips in every scene and ginger hair, and the beauty of the mountains and forest as the foliage changes. Not only that, but winter comes, and we see the beautiful snow-capped trees, with a beautiful shot towards the end of Ron's cabin surrounded by the snow, trees, and beauty of nature.

The story contained a profound message, that we must be true to ourselves, which added to the beauty of the plot but mostly to the beauty of the picture and color.

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