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- On October 1st begin watching a full-length horror movie every day until your 31st movie on October 31st.

- If you need to include short films (I'll probably be including Masters of Horror Season 1) ensure they are 45 minutes in length or longer. Standard TV series (Supernatural, The Walking Dead, etc) do not count.

- If you need to skip a day, that's fine as long as you attempt to make it up another day. Ultimately you want to end up with 31 films watched at the end - or as close to that number as you can get.

- As the purpose of this is to expose yourself to new horror films, attempt to watch as many movies you haven't seen as possible. If you'd like to revisit a previously seen film, make sure it's been at least 5 years since your last viewing. You may end the marathon with a personal favorite, regardless or how many times you've seen it.

- After each viewing, you must post which movie(s) you've watched and your thoughts on it/them. Be as brief or as detailed as you'd like. Please number your movies to make it easier for me to track.
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A goal of mine is to watch every movie and TV show Erica Leerhsen has been in because she is my favorite actress. This list is for me to personally keep track of how many I've watched so far.
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Celtic Woman: Home For Christmas
Celtic Thunder: Mythology