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All the actors in Harry Potter worth mentioning. sorry if I've missed anybody.
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The cast of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.
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My fancast for George R.R. Martin's novel, Fevre Dream.
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My casting for every major part in all the Halo games, including Halo 4.

Any suggests would be happily accepted.
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All actors rumoured or known to be in the ongoing epic, The Hobbit.

This is a list of the actors in all three films, so some of them may not have appeared in part 1.
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A guide to who plays who.

It includes cast members who have been cast in series 4 so far.
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As actors are cast for the series, I will remove them from my fancast list.
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Now it also includes upcoming superhero films.

Any films from the original version of this list, Sci-Fi and fantasy of 2012 and beyond, which have been released by the 20th April 2014 have been removed.

I will accept any sensible suggestions.
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