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As actors are cast for the series, I will remove them from my fancast list.


Any remaining uncast characters will need to be introduced in that book, as Season 6 is technically ahead of those two books, with some unused plots from Books 4 and 5 carrying across to Season 6.

I must state that I'm a way bigger fan of the books than the show, I only followed the last two seasons loosely, but I am following Season 6 as it happens.

Obviously this list will be updated as Season 6 happens, and updated again once The Winds of Winter is released.
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Basically, when these come out, I'm gonna be there on the opening day!

As a huge film geek, I'm not say these are the number one films of the next four years, but these are the ones I'll be waiting in line four.

I prefer substance over style, so rather than future Transformers, Avatar or Fast & Furious films filling the list, you'll find lesser-known films of quality like Tintin 2 or War for the Planet of the Apes.

As a man of a certain taste it's mostly Animated children's films, superhero films and straight-up Science Fiction films.
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The top films that have slipped through my viewing far.

From what I've gathered from friends, family, and social media, these are films that would be to my taste that I am yet to see.
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Why are these being released?

Yes, the Ghostbusters remake is on here. I'm not sexist, I just don't see a point in remaking something that's perfect for what it is already.
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My casting for every major part in all the Halo games, including Halo 4.

Any suggests would be happily accepted.
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My dream cast for a TF2 film.