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Very good comedy with great moments, 27 February 2015

Real solid dependable actors who establish goofy characters on both sides of the law. Lou Diamond Phillips is wonderful and he looks great in this action/crime, believable, incompetent crooks trying to outwit the witless good guys. Mud and worse gets splashed on clothes as getaways fail and old plans need to be improvised and reworked to more imperfection. I am glad so many people like the craziness in this movie. This has a quality that passes my test of what makes a good film. Do I want to watch it again and recommend it to others? The answer is "Yes." This would go good for movie night for anyone teen age and older.

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Great action movie, fun to watch, 18 February 2015

Very good from the special effects to the story and acting and direction. The high speed stunts and fun on the ground and in the air begin almost immediately. Planes, trains and tanks all have believable explosive military shoot 'em up action. Plenty of laughs. The director and camera operators are getting it to the screen in a fashion that would make a James Bond movie fan very happy. Good dialog and a few scenes that make me wonder how they did it. The Capitol Building looks like the real thing inside and out. I really liked this one. I am a 76 year old guy who is not a fan of Rap music but it was done well here. I liked all the music because it fit the scene being filmed. This would be a fun movie for high school to college age males and their friends old and young.

This is a very good murder/comedy with a wonderful song, 13 February 2015

Comedy is based on being inept. It is about failing. This has an inept hit-man theme. It has some great sets like a dump yard with rusting White trucks. Not white color, but White was the brand name. Harry Connick sings a wonderful rendition of an old public domain song. This film should be enjoyable for people who like to laugh. Very excellent casting with Joe Friday detectives and gangsters who see the beauty in their profession. Not as funny as Naked Gun but it has some very funny moments and memorable lines. I think Harry Connick would be good in Airplane 4! if they ever decide to make it. He would be good as the pilot. I got my copy of this movie from Amazon in an eight pack collection. Very low price. I prefer this movie to most high budget chase and explosion movies.

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This is an awesome Civil Rights movie., 8 February 2015

I watched this for free at YouTube. I was expecting cardboard characters and clichés from the mouth of a virtually unknown William Shatner.William Shatner is brilliant. Charleton Heston or Burt Lancaster or Gregory Peck could not have done better.

In a confrontation scene between Shatner and Leo Gordon the tension builds to a magnificent and believable ending. Each actor and actress is wonderful. The local townsfolk come across as the real thing.

This is a movie about racism that does not have a filter. Nothing is corrected to protect the ears of the viewer and listener. Not all white folks are bad or stupid or anything. This was an era. These are the kinds of people we might find dealing with a national issue. Some of the people black and white wanted integration and some were opposed and some were violently opposed.

I don't think there is a more accurate movie about the times represented here. There are bigger budget movies.

This one is too bold for TV. Maybe the internet will bring it back to some top ten lists. Well worth watching.

Atomic Train (1999) (TV)
This is a very good action movie, 11 September 2014

Some reviewers are measuring the movie with calipers and are quick to point out that a train might not have the same kind of brakes as shown in the film. That does not matter at all. This is not a train. This is a movie.

I would remind everyone that Superman cannot fly. He has no propulsion system. Dracula does not really turn into a bat. Star Wars did not really happen and it will not happen. These are movies for entertaining some viewers.

This film has great camera work throughout. The acting is very believable. The casting is fine. There is a chick flick quality of soap opera mixed with sensational action and adventure scenes. Rob Lowe does many of his own stunt scenes. I did not watch it with a slide rule pondering each railroad error. I watched it to see the action and the huge scale of the explosive scenes. I don't worry if it is possible or impossible or likely or unlikely.

Some people in California will get an idea from this what life might be like after an earthquake that destroys a major city.

I will suggest it might not be a good movie for railroad employees to use as job training. If you like to watch a big long action film with a family, this is a superb choice.

Sky Riders (1976)
Watch Coburn do a real stunt, 15 June 2014

This is certainly not as great as a James Bond action film. It is a very good movie with a simple plot. It has a wonderful cast and a great outdoor location for the major action scenes. Not a spoiler, just pay attention when action starts. Do watch closely when a helicopter scene begins. You will see James Coburn doing a real scary stunt hanging from under the helicopter. Not a stuntman doing the job. Also close your eyes when Coburn speaks and ask yourself if it is Leonard Nemoy. They have the same voice. This is well worth seeing. It is not real dumb. It also is not an educational film. No nudity or gore. James Coburn is the main attraction here. There are very nice aerial shots. The stunt hang glider pilots are very skilled.

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Interesting plot, 4 July 2013

The bad things about this movie are mainly due to its age. It is black and white. The sound and picture quality are not up to most movie goers expectations. The acting is very slow. There are long pauses between the spoken sentences. It is like the actor or actress is waiting for a truck to drive by.

The good thing is the end of the movie. It actually goes somewhere. It could be redone today with a crisp delivery and the right cast. There are a few surprises that make the movie worth watching.

Leo Carrillo is actually good, but for some reason the acting is slowed down in almost every scene. There also is a great concern about a man and woman having an affair, which seems laughable today.

Is the first line "Good evening, Elvis?" I think that is what she says. Watch it and give me your opinion. This film was made two years before Elvis was born.

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Good movie and cast, Excellent Plot, 16 December 2012

The basic idea of this movie is very interesting. It is a "what if" that is believable. The cast is good and the cat is doing his or her best in a kitty bit.

This movie would have been much better without breast shots. The film needed Alfred Hitchcock and Jimmy Stewart and Doris Day and maybe Jack Palance. Kurt Russell is no slouch, but he takes it too seriously. Just because someone is trying to maybe kill your wife or take her from you or maybe he is a bit off center, is that any reason to get so angry?

Things that date a movie are scenes with any computer or phone or naked bosoms. Women wear blouses now.

The opening title sequence is well done. The photography is quite good throughout the film. The music is OK, but a real Hitchcock orchestration would have helped. Unchained Melody would have worked in many parts of this production. High Noon Theme or Dragnet Theme in places. Not those songs but something new with that feel.

Since the movie was in color I think the cat should have been black and white. Also the cat should have had a good name that could have been the name of the movie, like Hondo or Lassie or Flicka or Danger Puss. Something like that.

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Rock and Roll Side Order of Chicken, 22 May 2012

Not a bad film for Bad Movie Night. This is very watchable and definitely listenable. The Belew Twins are my favorite act in this. They are the genuine real deal singing harmonies at the beginning and end of their songs. I think the Belew Twins have a certain sexiness that is not the same as The Everly Brothers. The Everlys looked great and sang great, but they would not be likely to sneak into your daughter's room or receive calls on the pay phone next to the urinal. The Belew Twins just have a try-anything-once look that, frankly, is refreshing. They look like the combed and showered boys next door who are out to lose whatever they can by Midnight. I really enjoyed their enthusiasm and lack of shyness when they danced.

The bad guys are funny. The fights are awful. The musical groups and singers and some dancers all come off well. The chicken on the piano or rooster on the spinet was all they could afford for set dressing. The camera work is low budget but adequate. It looked like some of the musicians actually were playing the instruments they held.

I hope The Belew Twins are still around and still performing. I would love to know their story or stories. I hope they recorded Belew Moon of Kentucky.

This is seriously a fun movie to watch if you like the old cars ( when they were new cars ) and the old hair styles and the mobs that couldn't fight. It Belew my mind.

Track Meet (1976)
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Well done low budget guy/guy flick, 12 May 2012

Gavin Geoffrey or Gavin Geoffrey Dillard is the star of this sometimes daring late '70s or early '80s sexfest. Gavin is a high school track star who travels with the team to a track meet. He manages to get sucked while he is at his sister's house painting a room. The sister's husband does it to poor innocent Gavin and Gavin is unable to resist.

Gavin in real life is a poet and songwriter and he wrote the play "Bark." He has written several books. He is very articulate and is well respected in the gay and non gay community for his creativity.

In this film, Gavin, who is a young looking, Rob Lowe type, late teens near twenty kid next door, gets a lesson in love from a room service motel janitor. Gavin is quite naked and the fellow who has come in to make up the beds decides not to take no for an answer. A nice interracial rape scene occurs and is done in front of a window that is not draped in any way. Someone must have been watching this great scene being filmed.

If you can find a copy on VHS or DVD I highly recommend it for the kind of movie no longer being made. Pre-condom and imaginative without political correctness.

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