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What we have here is a list of the 10 best filmmakers of all time and yes in order. I will be taking into account the directors of the previous and current generations giving my detailed opinions to justify their spot or ranking, but in comparison the film makers of the last 50 years are the true greats which show us visions of things we find hard to even think of.

I will be judging these directors from not only their films but from their overall contribution to film, from aspects like style, body of work, influence, authenticity, originality, intelligence, consistency and more.

This is a list formulated by myself and a friend to what we believe is the 10 best film makers for those reasons I detail below.
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This is a list of actors who I believe to be the actors who deserve as much acclaim as the famous ones in the industry today. They are not entirely overlooked but the majority do not know who they are.

And obviously I know there are actors like Albert Brookes, Michael Shannon, Ethan Hawke, John Hawkes & etc that I havent put in. But these actors are some what younger than the ones in the list below. The ones below have already had a long career of being under appreciated. Whereas the actors that I have just mentioned have plenty of time to gain acclaim and fame.
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No different to my other infamous list 'Great movies you probably haven't seen'. This more focuses on the Horror aspect. These are Horror films that I believe deserve more acclaim and are hard to find for film fans. What influenced this list was purely because I am a horror film fan, and went through a horror obsession phase when I was around 14, 15. So I have seen a lot of horror films both good and bad from previous and current generations, purely because at the time where I loved horror films more than anything, I used to just watch any horror film that came on TV, so I know how to identify a good horror film even if it has bad reviews, ratings etc.

This list is meant for any newcomers to the horror genre and veterans alike that would like a fright on those dark and stormy nights. I tried to concentrate on movies that are creepy, atmospheric, and suspenseful as opposed outright gore-fests. At this time they are in no real order of importance.
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Films and TV Shows that disappointed me
I wont be having a full on attack of these films I am merely just pointing out the facts to why I expected more.
I will be judging on personal experience, reviews and not taking into account any other criticism, ratings etc because vice versa there have been films where there they've been criticized harshly but are actually quite good.
I would also like to point out that this list doesnt mean I dont like these films otherwise I wouldve called this list bad films or something but mostly I do like these films, I was just disappointed they were not better.
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We have here a list that conceals actors who from my knowledge are the figure stones of cinema, whether alive or dead, from this generation or the previous I will be taking everything into account, through opinions, biographies, films & conclusions for a calculated ordered list of 10 Actors that I and the majority believe to be the best of all time.
As everyone knows there is no clear measurement of acting as each person can define what a brilliant performance is or how good it is. But nevertheless that doesnt mean just because the majority 'believe' there the greatest doesnt mean they are. So it raises the question the judges for the oscars? Why are they the judges? What qualifies them to judge a performance to be award worthy?
So oscars and awards does not necessarily reflect of what an actor means to you or whether or not he is better than someone or the best. It merely states a praise of good work that they have noticed, for instance some of you may have experienced a much less intelligent person than you at work who does not deserve but gets a bonus or a appraisal. So you wouldve thought that doesnt mean hes better than me, which has the same meaning to majority opinions and awards for both actors and films.

I will also like to add this is a list of 'Best Actors Ever' so I consider everything not just talent if it was based on talent I couldve added several other actors, so I'm taking everything into account through talent, performances, versatility, contribution to film, influence and more.

Half way through making this list... I realized... whats the point of this list.... why bother?... After all actors are only the filmmakers puppets, so if you want to read my more meaning full lists read top 10 directors or top 10 films something like that... something thats more meaningful.
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This is a list of the films I have had and watched on videotape, so mainly these are films that I watched before the ages of 12,13 definitely before my adolescent years.

These are films I consider I have seen because I remember watching most of these films but not all of these films are for kids. My dad bought a collection of video tapes for himself and my sisters, to where my early young cinephile obsession began.

I believe that only certain films should be judged or should not be judged. For example when I go to see a Scorsese, Tarantino or Coen brothers film I want to be impressed, wooed and mentally challenged. So I don't judge films I watched as a kid or when I watch kids films, because those are films that are just enjoyable. Their are certain films that should not be analyzed or criticized as their sole purpose is to entertain, for example, films like wrong turn or true romance shouldnt be reviewed because their enjoyable films and made for that feeling.

This is a list still in progress as I will remember films I watched randomly so it is a list that I will keep on adding. All these video tapes I've recovered from my dusty staircase downstairs, where theirs probably a few more I can find but probably not that many left.
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Like my other lists this is a compilation of the best sitcoms of this generation, so I wont be taking into account shows beyonds the 80s. The comments I made of the shows are from what Ive experienced through my long avid watching of sitcoms since I was too young to even remember. Luckily sky was something I already had growing up so I had several comedy channels available to me. So the shows below are to my knowledge the best sitcoms... and believe me, I've seen my fair share of both good and bad sitcoms and from these experiences I can draw conclusions and judge whats better and whats not.

I would also like to add forgive me for some of the rankings of the shows because I know I will get people who disagree with the ranking but, Im sure you would understand that some of the shows Ive wrote about are partly because of bias opinion and being attached with shows like two and half men or the simpsons etc because its something Ive watched for years throughout my childhood. But at the end of the day comedy is about preference, you can laugh at a guy who says your mum jokes but obviously theirs the obvious better tv shows that are easy to determine. You should also check out my 'Dissapointing shows & films list' because I talk about other shows and why their bad.

Anyway getting back to my point, when reading the comments Ive made take into account Ive seen alot of good sitcoms so when putting the ranking its based on comparisons between shows.
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Ive seen well over a thousand films started from the age of like 7. I've pretty much seen all the good blockbusters, independent and obscure films you can think of, through every genre from horror, to thriller, to action, to comedy... but nevertheless what im saying is that ive seen all kinds of films so I have a broad horizon and a different perspective. I also have seen alot of bad films and bad shows, so believe me when I say something is bad.

And as for TV shows ive seen just about every single good TV show except game of thrones. If you think of some great TV shows I bet you Ive seen it, including most of the teen ones, the shows Im currently watching is Suits and House of Cards. Furthermore when picking the order and comparing each show to another I believe I have a opinion as good as any other, so dont go jumping to conclusions just sit back and enjoy this read.

Also when I say a show is better than another, there is a detailed justification as you will see, so everything I say in this list is logical in terms of what Ive seen, so if you disagree with me I severely doubt you have my knowledge or compatibility to understand the points that I made.

Please read all of it I have tried to give my vivid expression of all the shows with my 'realistic' ratings for them.

''The Sopranos has been voted the best written TV series of all time by the prestigious, Writers Guild of America.
The drama about a mob boss who undergoes therapy topped a poll of 101 TV series.
The guild's Paul Brownfield praised The Sopranos: "No show has been more responsible for TV's storytelling renaissance."''

1. The Sopranos:........................ 9.1
2. Boardwalk Empire:....................9.1
3. Six Feet Under: .......................9.1
4. The Wire: ..............................8.9
5. Homeland:...............................8.9
6. Breaking Bad:...........................8.9
7. Prison Break(Only Season1):.......8.7
8. The Walking Dead:....................8.7
9. Mad Men:................................8.7
10. Dexter: .................................8.6
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(In order)

When not biased I strongly believe I am a good critic for the widely different films Ive seen, thats now well into its thousands. I believe I put out good strong arguments, opinions and different perspectives on things that are 'the best' or better than. Reviews and comments Ive made can be seen throughout my lists and this is no different, it is a list to my opinion and I believe nah actually I KNOW are the top 10 best films of all time. So I will be taking into account the films of the current and previous generations. Also I will take into consideration the films depth and qualities like story, cleverness, iconoclasm, meaning etc and overall contribution to the history of film.
If you disagree with this list then its because of your preference of quality and if not I doubt you have a valuable reason or excuse to argue against my knowledge that you probably are not compatible with.

This is not really a list it’s a more of a piece of literature about the quality of film and an exploration of genre's to delve into. What I hate most about writing a piece of criticism or literature is the response or comments I get back. For example if you say O that shouldn’t be on the list or this should be on the list. Well, without giving a detailed reason for your point being I suggest you get the *beep* off my list.
Secondly I hate, I *beep* HATE when I read a critics best film of all time, that turns out to be a fairly unknown film like solaris or me you and everyone we know. This pisses the *beep* out of me because the person is trying to be different, extravagant and over exuberant because the people that will read it, will either not have seen the film or have not looked at the film at that perspective. I understand you trying not to be generic but there comes a point where you should find a balance between identifying the greats from the well known and unknown.
So if you make a comment of a film that deserves to be on this list, that’s say, fairly unknown and not the obvious no.1 that the majority would have as a no.1, then I say go ahead, *beep* enlighten me, but keep in mind when doing this, you will have to justify why it’s better than the greats and has it made contributions as good as the greats? Like has it made contributions as big as redefining narration like Goodfellas did? Has it redefined dialogue like Pulp fiction did? Has it changed the way technology is used? Like Space Odyssey did? Has it changed the way actors acted like the Godfather did? Etc. These are all questions you have to answer. So when you’re naming a random film, the best of all time, to try be a know it all or different, you’re really just making yourself look pretentious and retarded. So please think twice before disagreeing with me. As I doubt you have my intellect or knowledge in film, so making a stupid comment on this list will entail into an embarrassing, inevitable loss for an argument.

I would like to also add that I reluctantly took out films like shawshank redemption out of the top 10 because its not as impressive as these 10 films and I will not just put a film in my list just cause its got alot of acclaim. I also wont be taking into account fantasy films, purely because I believe they are aimed at the younger audience and its incomparable to some of the more serious films you see in this list. So dont be shocked when you dont see Wall-E, Pans Labyrinth or Spirited Away.

One more thing to remind you, this is not a list of my top 10 films, otherwise it would have my favourite films like donnie darko in here. This is a list to my understanding and what I believe and others are the best films of all time in this order.

I have not finished this list, it is a list still 'in progress' I am still contemplating of the other films that deserve to be in this top 10 and the order of this list, so dont get your pussy in a twist.

In addition to this, I know their will be people who will disagree with some of the films that I've have put on, or for the films that I haven't put in. You as a reader also have to take into account that its a 19 year old who's making this list, but because of my age it doesn't mean I dont take into account of the older films. The point that I am trying to make is like for instance I know people around my age that won't go watching films like vertigo, citizen cane, seventh seal, and akira because they enjoy it, they watch it because their films with tremendous acclaim. It is the case with me for example I watched rear window but its definitely not an enjoyable film for me or for someone around my age, but when I watched it I understood why its a good film and why people rave about it so much but as a 19 yr old I didn't enjoy but understood it to the same degree that critics do. So when I watch old films I am not trying to broaden my horizon or anything I am just trying to understand why those films were great. Because those films are not enjoyable for people around my age and if theirs anyone that does enjoy them, then you need to take a step into to reality because history can be retold and cinema has reached greater peaks for example the 70's.

This is not like any other generic top 10 list, this is a realistic look of the 10 best films of all time in this order, where I consider the best films in certain genres and countries, so the list has its versatility and variety of different films. I know there are many other great films that may deserve to be in this list but this is a top 10 of the best films that are the best in its fields. So to utilize space I put in films that represent the best in that category for example 2001 is the best sci fi film of all time and some may argue matrix is one of the greatest aswell but I'll end up putting 2001 because it is the greatest sci fi film, so therefore I wont be putting another sci fi film in. You also might be wondering why there isnt a horror film to represent that category but theres unfortunately no space and if there was I would put BWP in. And also again you be wondering why is there 2 mafia films in goodfellas and The Godfather, well its because there too good of films to even consider to drop out so thats why.
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Fact is stranger than fiction, and often so much more entertaining. With that in mind I've gathered 10 of the best documentaries from the worlds of music, sport, art, human interest, politics, history etc. Unlike many other top 10 documentary lists this one is very different, from a first glance you will instantly see that it doesn't have the typical generic choices of other lists, it has lesser known documentaries that are as good or if not better. This list also has very different topics spanning diversity throughout each spot so it is as versatile as it is unique.
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Some of these films may have elements of dark comedy or are purely dark comedies, some more than others as you will see below. These are the 10 best satires that I believe are the greatest in my opinion, so its to my taste. This is a list thats more up for debate compared to my other lists, because the aspect of this list depends on your taste of comedy. So you also maybe wondering why you dont see many woody allen films on here, well its because he makes alot of romantic comedy drama's which I dont like and his other work are genres and subject matters I barely have any interest in.

I would also like to add I 'won't' be adding the films of Robert Altman, Billy Wilder, Charlie Chaplin etc. Because those films 'do not make me laugh'. It's not that I have a problem with black and white films or the video quality or the understanding of jokes. Its because im 19 and dont relate to its comedic moments but not only that I can watch there films and understand the comedic moments but it doesnt give me the same laughter of say Tarantinos witty dialogue. So if anyone around my age disagrees with me they are lying or just being a know it all because what teenager finds gosfard park amusing? or charlie chaplin? If thats your taste then you must be 60 year old in a teenagers body. I also used to watch charlie chaplin when I was younger and so I should naturally be more biased towards that but its a pile of horse dung. So dont lie to yourself or try be ambiguous and say you like these kind of films. Because my generation's comedy does not compare to the previous generations, it can in cooperate the comedy of old but also have the unique, clever, articulate moments that can be effortlessly thought of by a 10 year old from this generation.

So you may also be thinking ooooo why has he put in Dr Stranglove in this list, well, its because Im a Fan of Kubrick and hes the only exception.

To conclude on first glance at this list you may be wondering why their are several different genre films included, and this is because I want to have a variety of different satires from war films to sci fi films etc, so the list has its versatility and variety.
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This is a list which embodies films of the science fiction genre, from the best of previous and current generations. I will be taking into account films comparable qualities to say the more recent great sci fi films like Inception and Looper. And the reason why I have films like these in such high regard, is because their as good as the sci fi films of the past if not better, so dont go jumping to conclusions just yet, purely because you have built a bias towards films like the matrix over the years which wont mean you will like Inception as much, so that is something you also have to consider when judging this list.
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This is a list that contains the films that undeservedly doesn't get the same amount of acclaim and appreciation as some other related films.

This is a list thats still in progress, I will be changing it from time to time, its not the final look, just an indication to what I'm thinking at this moment
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A compilation or countdown for the 10 best east Asian films in order. When making the list I considered the films of previous and current eras. But while its more comparable for films of the current generation its hard to take into account films like Akira and Kurosawa films because they are significantly different to the more modern Asian films. Comparing those would be like the contrast between westerns and horror films. So don't be surprised if you don't see the obvious Kurosawa greats.

I would also like to add that these 10 films are not my final decisions to keep, because I understand there are a bit to many action films I will try to keep its versatility and add some films from different genres. I'm contemplating in including the other greats like A tale of two sisters, Audition, Kikujiro, Oasis, Na Mi, Tokyo Sonata, Mother, The Chaser, Confessions & etc.
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Unlike many of my other lists this is 'not' a list this is a article, piece of literature, or review on Hollywood and remakes. Its an exploration to why Hollywood want to continue to pursue on making clichéd, plagiarized, foreign remakes. And also focusing on why Hollywood have come to this state of copying. On why production companies are more money driven for the mutli million block buster remakes? sequels? and prequels?
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First off, this is different to many of my other pieces of literature, in fact, entirely different. This is 'not' a list more of a article on how such an iconic actor can not only fall from grace but pass up great opportunities that would surely put any person in consideration as some of the best actors of the 21st century.
I decided to do this sort of literature on Charlie Sheen because I am a fan of his and have been a fan of him since I first started watching Two & a Half Men in early 2004 on comedy central. Like any other kid I was drawn to his character which made me follow his career through films like Platoon, Hot shots, Wallstreet, Major League etc.
I will try to explain to you 'the reader' what could've of been and what did happen, giving 'us' the fans an insight on the ups and downs of what led Charlie Sheen to this point.
Finally I believe that this could be a great documentary to make, to show the roller coaster life Charlie Sheen had and how it affected his career. But nonetheless I'll give it a shot, sit back and read it with a open mind....
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I will be explaining films that are similar to one another and then I will say which one i think is better out of the pair.
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I will be naming the best young filmmakers who will still be making movies when people like scorsese, tarantino and fincher die out.
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The next generation of actors and actresses to take those main roles for films in the future

And yes I know some of these people are not that young but based on the stage of there careers i would consider them young actors
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Even though war films are not my favourite genre I still have seen many from both foreign and american cinema, these are films that are done to convey different purposes. Their are obviously some films in this list that are obvious but I'm only including them because I strongly believe they deserve a place in my list. What I look for in a war film is to get a experience, a feeling of what its like to be in a war or be around it, what thoughts it provokes and what it metaphorically means to a audience.

Secondly, some of the war films I include may not be a 'huge classic' but to phrase this again, this is not a generic list and I am not trying to not be generic or pretentious, I am truthfully giving my opinion of what the best war films are, in the ranking enlisted below.

As I said before I am not a big fan of war films but when filmmakers tell a story around it and focus on a particular point then that engages me and I think those are the best war films the ones that make you think, that put you in the film, make you feel like your in the shoes of the character, feeling what hes feeling, experiencing whats hes experiencing and so on. What influenced this list is that recently I have seen a lot of foreign war films which put my war film memoirs in retrospect, my other influence was my dad, the huge war junkie who got me to watch most of the films on this list throughout my childhood, even if it was inappropriate for a kid. So when judging these films I tend to be a little bias but I will try not too, but its only natural to defend something you watched while growing up.
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This is a list to my understanding of asian directors that have contributed an array of great films from what Ive seen.

Compared to the other list of 'the top 10 best filmmakers of all time'(mainly hollywood directors) where I had a better understanding of that list, this is a list comprised of asian filmmakers but only from my view of having watched there films. So dont get into a hissy fit if I miss out someone because this is only the top 10 directors from what films I've seen.
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This was formely teen/high school films but now cult classics so theres alot of indie films aswell.

Please forgive me if I have included a film twice or more its because I have done this list at different times and not in alphabetical order.
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Similarly to the other list of 'great movies you probably havent seen', this is a list of the same purpose. Yes some of these shows might be more obvious to some but compared to the more acclaimed and commercial shows these are ones that deserve a mention. So you could also call this list underrated shows.
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This is a list based on the next batch of actors to take the leading roles in big films in the next era. The actors I have stated below will evidently replace the leading actors of now who are people like dicaprio, bale, matt damon, brad pitt, norton, seymour hoffman, clooney etc.
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I believe films can be appreciated for their components as often as for the whole. Socially referential, emotionally relevant, politically poignant, individually ambiguous and culturally evocative... films express our identity, our values, our dreams and our doubts. Their cumulative art form succeeds in conveying what we find difficult to express.