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Great dialog, excellent story line, classic Coen Bros., 2 November 2003

Rating: 9 out of 10 stars!

I read the reviews here on IMDB before going to see this movie last night, casting sufficient doubt on the quality of this film prior to my viewing. The movie so wonderfully surprised me that I was tempted to rush home and immediately share the good news: The Coen boys have themselves another hit. This one will certainly be added to my DVD collection. Intolerable is right up there with Raising Arizona and O'Brother for me (my two favorite Coen brother films, aside from Fargo, which is too dark to be in the company of these 3 films).

Clooney is a VERY convincing attorney. I work and study in the law field, and he hit all of the marks, as did the other attorneys around them. The court room, conference room, and managing partner scenes were hilarious. Objection... grounds?.... artsy-fartsy-ness? LOL.

The comedic timing and punchy dialog combined with Zeta-Jones & Clooney's chemistry make this film a joy to watch. I would give this movie one of my top marks except for a few slightly cheesey moments. If you have not seen the movie yet, these will jump out at you.

Intolerable is classic Coen, full of twists, turns, comedy and compassion. I loved it so much I might have to go see it again.