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It's hard to make a favorite films list, mainly because the order can change from year to year as you watch more movies and your tastes evolve. However there are some great films which stay with you somehow, which have impacted your life in major ways. These are the films which have moved me, made me laugh, made me think, challenged me to consider other perspectives, dazzled me with their technical and aesthetic brilliance-- or they're just plain fun, silly, and/or quotable. Classics and schlock mixing, because standard "greatest ever" lists are dull and predictable. So here it is: my personal film canon.
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exactly what it looks like
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My favorite films noir, ones I would recommend to anyone who asked me to give them some titles.
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NOTE: Gremlins and Die Hard simply aren't here because I've never seen them all the way through.
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The 1920s are my favorite decade for film-making as a whole, the height of the silent era. Here are my favorites, which include stone cold masterpieces, fun popcorn flicks, and guilty pleasures alike. All worth watching whether for entertainment purposes, aesthetic contemplation, or historical value.
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Exactly what the title says
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