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A very scary movie.
3 November 2003
A very scary movie.Based on the true-life exploits of Marcel Petiot, this film is an experience not to be forgotten.The movie has everything. Brilliant direction,exceptional cinematography,fine acting & a chilling soundtrack.20th century man is more scarier than any monster dreamed up by Hollywood!This amazing film scores 10/10 in my book.A must see.
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This is on my top 10 war/anti-war film list.
3 November 2003
This is one of my favourite flicks!Based on the Sven Hassel book "WHEELS OF TERROR."Nothing fancy here.Good casting job bringing Hassel's characters to the silver screen.Having read most of Hassel's books,makes me biased towards this film.It has all the elements of a good war/anti-war film.David Carradine has a blast as the commander and,the cast works well with/off each other.Oliver Reed has a cameo that is perfect for him.I really like the tank sequences.Real armor was used to great effect.This is on my top 10 war films list.It is a shame that no other films were made,based on Hassel's books.
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one of the best anti-war films made.Vive la France!
1 November 2003
What an amazing film.From the opening notes of the military march, to the final scene,this is a harrowing ride through the landscapes of "soldiers pay."There is nothing slick or overproduced here,thank Godard. The use of actual letters from French soldiers in wars from 1812 to ww2, is a masterstroke that effectively ties the scenes together.This could be a documentary and is done in this style.This works very well with the vintage newsreel images that are also used to tie the scenes.If you are looking for a RAMBO type war -adventure,go rent a Chuck Norris film.If you are a serious fan of the war/anti-war genre,do not miss this one!
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