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One of the best out there
6 September 2011
I came across this show while channel surfing and found it on a cable channel I can not name.I was not sure what to to think because I had never heard of of before. The first episode I saw was "rock and Roll Zombies know best". I could not believe what I was watching. This show had me hooked! After that I hit the web and trekked down the entire first season. All I can say is that this show is brilliant! Some episode are slow, such as the giant baby one, but in total this is very entertaining, funny, and just damn great. I am ticked that there is no way for me to see the originals in all there uncensored glory! The FCC and whack job parents groups would all have heart attacks if some one tried to bring this show to America. I wish that American TV could put something like this out there. I was glad to see that there was a 2nd season approved, so I will be waiting to some how get to see them. I would say that this has great promise of some how becoming a feature film. I would go see it if they did that. If you want to be entertained watch this show. If you do not give this a chance then "You are as smart as a monkey, and sadly not one of the smart monkeys"
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