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worst cast, best movie..., 30 October 2003

Can you ever think of a collection of less talented actors ever assembled. When Gary Busey is the DeNiro of the bunch, you're hurting. BUT!! This is one of the best, if not the best action movie ever. It rarely stops and when it does it is cool as hell in between. I have seen it numerous times, and have come to love Sir Keanu's half-retardedness. The way he delivers his lines soooo poorly is entertaining enough. Just think we haven't taught a monkey how to drive a car yet we taught Keanu to act! 9 STARS......I LOVED IT!!!

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oates the great, 29 October 2003

Another in the great string of Oates movies to finally come out on dvd. He's flawless as usual, Fonda is great, the old weathered wife does a good job too. Wonderfully shot. The best thing about Oates is his facial expressions, the way he frowns and gestures, he would have been a great silent actor. I'll take Oates over Nicholson any day, I love Jack too, but Oates was the best of his time....

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vastly underrated gem!!!!!, 29 October 2003

I consider Peckinpah one of the big five--- Kubrick. Scorsese. Walter Hill. Eastwood.--- I've seen all his films numerous times, and this one along with Garcia stands up the best to multiple viewings. It plays like a great old album. These negative comments I've read about this flick are cuuckie talk. Every spy movie since has lifted something from this movie, as a matter of fact every action flick. Great cast, and peckinpah's wonderful laid back style are the highlights. It may seem old hat now, but try erasing the last 30 years of wannabees. Great Movie!!!