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great film, 14 April 2013

I was lucky enough to see this film at the Maryland International Film Festival in Hagerstown MD. I am not sure how it qualified as international - maybe because it was filmed in Canada?? In any case this is a sweet story of a man who is trying to find his way in the world. He doesn't fit in because of his autism and being sheltered by his grandparents. Watching him progress through the movie was inspiring. I laughed quite a bit and even shed a tear near the end. I am not familiar with the actor who plays Luke but he did an incredible job. I wasn't expecting to see Seth Green and Cary Elwes in an independent movie at an international film fest but they both did a great job. Seth Greens character is a little hard to take at first because he is unkind to the lead. The movie has a great story that makes you feel better after you see. I recommend seeing it if you have the chance. It was mentioned at the festival that the film may get picked up for distribution which would be great. Very deserving.

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cute short, 14 April 2013

I was lucky enough to see this short at the Maryland International Film Festival in Hagerstown MD last night.

It had a cute story about a woman who was obsessed with Titanic and the boyfriend that loves her anyway. It is a funny and sweet short. My only negative for the short is that it isn't clear why this man puts up with his girlfriends obsession. In the beginning I thought why doesn't he just dump but that wouldn't make for a good story. Also if you really love someone you put up with their crazy. If you get a chance to see it you wont be disappointed. It has a great premise so I could see this being made into a feature film if you flushed out the characters more. Wish there was a way to see more of these short films without having to go to film festivals. I love the festivals but not everyone has access to them.

Assumption (2006)
Entertaining short, 9 July 2006

I saw this short at the Maryland Film Festival, May 2006 and throughly enjoyed it. Assumption was shown with a group of other scifi/fantasy shorts. It easily had the loudest applause. James Denton was great in the lead as a man who may or may not be crazy. He plays both sides well enough that you want to believe his story but you aren't quite sure if he is truthful. Beyond the plot summary I can't give any more information with out ruining the film. It was clear that this short was made with the hopes of becoming a feature film. This was confirmed in an answer and question discussion after the viewing with the writer/director. The film was well done but definitely low budget in appearance. There is room for more character development and action but overall if this does become a full length feature I would certainly buy a ticket.