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Review from a long-time viewer- GOOD, 17 July 2004

I think I speak for everyone when I say that VH1's decade documentaries have been getting better as we go along. I love the '90s is hilarious. The panel of celebrities (if that's what you call them) dare to say all the things we think about events of the 1990's- from Snoop Dogg to Amy Fisher to Furbies-- a hilarious miniseries. The format is basically the same as it has been in the previous documentaries (80s, 70s, 80s strikes back)-- a year is covered in one hour, event by event, movie by movie, song by song, with commentary from a very funny panel of people who survived all 10 years of the '90s. You'll crack up every time Hal Sparks, Michael Ian Black, Mo Rocca, and many others provide their insight into the '90s, reminding us that we love the '90s!