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Last Ball (2001)
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loved it!, 25 July 2006

I saw this at the Anchorage Film Festival years ago and loved it. The director told us it was loosely based on his own life growing up in Hastings-on-Hudson. I've never been there but the movie made it an appealing destination for future travels. Last Ball was solid with great characters. There are lots of those "nameless/faceless" actors in it that you've seen in so many movies but never caught their name. Leo Fitzpatrick (Kids) is great as the sidekick. Anyone who grew up privileged in small town America can definitely relate to it. There are characters we have all "known" from our rebellious teen years... the over-demanding father, the motherly bartender, a concerned sheriff, the goof ball friend you can't quite shake and maybe don't want to. I have checked for it on DVD but doubt it will ever be available. It's a treat and if you're able to see it at a festival then do it. I would love to see it again.