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"Homeland" (2011)
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Much better than 24, 18 October 2011

people have tried to compare it to 24 but its much better than that even i loved the show, why? because it's much more believable and convincing. The scripting is great the dating is great the sub plots are great and the main plot is something we cannot put our finger on it, is he or isn't he? I love the way it's going and i have my views on which i'll keep to myself. I think Claire Danesas being slightly unhinged and manic is brilliant as that actually helps her to get the job done in a strange kind of way.

Excellent show, which the main networks couldn't or wouldn't be able to produce..........

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It had me fooled and on the edge of my seat, 15 September 2011

I don't know what those who gave it less than 7/10 were watching but it cannot have been the same film as me!! I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and i am putting it in my all time top 20 without a doubt. My only regret being not seeing it at the cinema as Hawaii looks amazing. The characters were solid and the writers threw plenty of curve balls at us which we gladly accepted.I gave it a 9/10 as it's the best thriller i've seen in the past 4-5 years or more. I am going to recommend it to family and friends as it's an absolute cracking thriller. I thought Timothy Olyphant's character was totally unbelievable at the beginning as i even thought he couldn't swim. I must keep an eye out for the director and any future work. I reckon the newspaper on the floor at the beginning was put there to make us go "ok I know how this goes" which it did , which is why i got it all so wrong but I loved the film an excellent movie and a good advert for Hawaii.

Mother's Day (2010/I)
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Terrific Movie, 3 September 2011

I watched this movie and thought at first it would be some kind of B type movie but it just exploded with a blood-lust, which I haven't seen in a horror type movie in a long time and Rebecca M was tremendous without being OTT. The nastiness and the craziness made you want to flinch. I think that they got the characters right and the black guy didn't get it first. A thoroughly enjoyable film gruesome, nasty just how i like them......I am hoping that there will be a Mothers Day if the ending is anything to go by..........keeping fingers crossed they use the same Director......

I can't for the life of me can't see how people give this a 1 or 2 star.........when it head and shoulders above most of the so called horror that is churned out.