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Good acting, fair direction, bad bad script, 1 March 2007

This (Swedish) movie is the worst thing I have ever seen from Danish Susanne Bier's hand. This is too bad. Susanne Bier has made so fine movies as "Freud flyttar hemifrån..." (1991), "Brev til Jonas" (1992), "Det bli'r i familien" (1994), "Sekten" (1997) and the beautiful "Den Eneste Ene" (1999). After this one she made "Brødre" (2004) and the Oscar-nominated "Efter brylluppet" (2006). This script stinks. Not her fault altogether, as the script is by Jonas Gardell. But the fine, fine actors make some of the story believable. Most of all Helena Bergström as Mona, and Jonas Karlsson as David, and that may be a credit to the director, too.

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This movie is a waste of time., 12 December 2006

"A Boyfriend for Christmas" could have been an acceptable movie for the Christmas season. But it turned out to be a wasted evening watching it. Apart from some of the actors this movie is not worth watching. Kelli Williams is lovely to look at, (I wouldn't mind seeing her in a feature-length movie) and she does a great job as Holly Grant in the leading role. The great Charles Durning (as Santa Claus) is good as always. The idea is fine and the story has its moments but the script as a whole is worse than anything I have seen in a long long time. I don't think the writer Roger Schroeder will ever get a chance to write for TV again.

Hombre (1967)
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Elmore Leonard's wonderful anti-hero story, 5 April 2006

Martin Ritt made a lot of good movies. This is one of his best. It deserves to be remembered and to live forever. Elmore Leonard wrote this wonderful western of a man who is no hero in the classical western-style. He is of white origin, brought up by Indians. He wants to live in peace with his fellow man, and faced with violence he withdraws, but when it comes to injustice or survival he turns out to be some sort of hero just the same. Paul Newman's leading role as Hombre is a performance as convincing as ever. And all other leading characters are played by wonderful actors too. Richard Boone's bullying criminal is almost to be smelled through the screen. Even in the smaller roles there are some real gems. See this movie again and again - and again!