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An Underrated Classic, 26 July 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If you're into movies with substance, drama, and morale, you should not miss your chance to watch Baharen Phir Bhi Aayengi. This movie is truly a classic that unfortunately is not as popular as it should be. BPBA has nothing in its contents that would fall short of a viewer's expectations (except maybe the songs).

The story revolves around the three main characters, Amita (Mala Sinha), Jitendra (Dharmendra), and Sunita (Tanuja). Amita is the head of a newspaper press, and she wishes to entail her father's legacy of printing a paper based on righteousness. Jitendra meets Amita on the subject of an article that he "illegaly" prints in her paper, without the permission of the main editor. The article was about the potential disaster that can occur in the lives of coal miners; and so the article served as a warning to all the miners and their families. Amita gets so caught up in the fact that it was printed without permission that she fires Jiten. He accuses her of caring about nothing more than money, which in reality is not true. But the mine that Jiten had written about does actually collapse, and Amita feels awful about her decision to fire him. Jiten becomes hired as the new editor, and through a short period of time, Amita grows to love Jiten.

But Jiten's attention is not set on Amita, because he already met Sunita. Sunita is a playful girl that he meets on a train ride (she was apparently trying to commit suicide for a petty reason), and after a night of arguing, they fall in love. Sunita starts visiting Jiten's residence regularly, and they spend many evenings together.

But one day, Sunita invites Jiten to her house. When he arrives, he learns that she is not the only child in the family. Yes, Sunita and Amita are sisters! All three characters are unaware of the love triangle that formed right before them...what will happen next? Will Sunita and Jiten get married? Will Amita be heartbroken? The answer lies in the rest of the heart-wrenching film.

The story, dialog, and screenplay of BPBA is beautifully strummed together. The acting is beyond superb by all performers, especially by Mala Sinha. Dharmendra and Tanuja's romance was done in a cute and bubbly way, and they, like Mala Sinha, were very natural as well as powerful in their performance. Other actors, like Rehman and Devan Verma were also marvelous. Every event of the movie is intriguing, and more towards the middle, it gets very intense and touching. Take out a box of Kleenexes please!

The only criticism that can be given to this movie is the soundtrack. Most of the background music was taken from Guru Dutt's earlier film, Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam, so Hemant Kumar's haunting tunes added effect to the movie. However, the songs themselves were poorly composed, and in comparison to the movie, they were a disgrace. Music was done by O.P. Nayyar, who still hadn't seemed to find drums or more people in his orchestra by 1966. The producer or director should have found someone else to do the music, perhaps Hemant Kumar, S.D. Burman, Laxmikant Pyarelal, Madan Mohan, Shankar Jaikishan, Kalyanji Anandji...or anyone besides O.P. Nayyar!

Ignore the songs, and you've got yourself a great movie! An underrated classic...I could praise it forever! 10/10 (with the exclusion of the songs).

Don (1978)
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Don is a COOL movie ;-), 13 August 2005

There's not much to explain about the story of "Don", which probably EVERYONE knows about by now, right? It may not be a GREAT story...but none the less the movie is just totally entertaining ~ you watch Amitabh perform from a totally COOL-evil bad guy to a goofy paan-eating guy and trust me, it's impossible not to adore the man. He's just so COOL! His stunts rock too.

Though I usually can't stand Zeenat Aman, in this movie she got such awesome clothing, and an awesome hairstyle topped with a really COOL role. Pran is also the regular COOL guy, about just as COOL as Amitabh, which is why it rocks to see them together on screen as usual.

Pretty much everyone else in the movie played their roles well.

And I have to mention Kalyanji-Anandji who were behind all of the totally COOL music throughout the movie. The background music and songs are made to match the COOLNESS of the movie :-D. Lata, Kishore, and Asha at their ultimate COOL.

So watch this COOL movie so I can stop using the word COOL so much hehe. Khaike Paan Banaras Wala!

Chirag (1969)
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Touching love/family story, 18 June 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If you're ever in the mood for some emotional (but not overly emotional) love and family drama, watch'll like it!

The story starts out with Ajay (Sunil Dutt) falling in love at first sight with Asha Chibber (Asha Parekh). Ajay comes from a rich family with a mother (Lalita Pawar) who cares about her "Khaandaan ka roshan" a lot.

After some pranks and teasing, Asha and Ajay are ready to get married. Asha's brother (Om Prakash) is a doctor (ahem...I thought doctors make a lot of money but anyway...). His wife (Sulochana) brought up Asha all their lives. Ajay brings his mother to see Asha and she *holds breath* accepts the proposal *relief*...finally Ajay and Asha will get married.

Seven years of happy marriage pass by, Ajay and Asha can't be happier. However, not everyone is exactly happy (there's always evil people in this world). Ajay's mom is unhappy at the fact that Asha still has not had any children, and she is worried that their family name will not move on (whatever like anyone cares about their family name anyway). She rudely states her thoughts to Asha, who then prays that her duty towards the family name will be fulfilled.

Accidents always occur in life (or maybe in just kidding). Ajay and Asha are in the middle of celebrating their seventh diwali together, and suddenly a firecracker that Asha lights tips over, causing sparks to go directly into her beautiful eyes. Asha is now blind for life.

But love between the selfless Ajay and Asha never fades away. Munimji (Kanahya Lal) gives Ajay's mom the idea that Asha and Ajay should split. Ajay's mom sends Ajay away for a while to get to know Sandhya (don't know the name of the actress, but she looks really familiar). Ajay and Sandhya have no feelings for each other though, Ajay loves Asha too much, and Sandhya is already seeing another guy. Both Ajay and Sandhya are unaware of any plans between Munimji and Ajay's mom.

Meanwhile back home, Ajay's mom accuses the innocent Asha of doing nothing to serve her husband and staying at their house for the sake of money (whatever! Asha's so sweet). Asha feels guilty and goes to her brother's house, and promises her mother-in-law that she will not come back to be a burden to Ajay. She starts feeling like a burden to everyone.

Ajay gets back home and decides to bring Asha home the next day. Will Asha break her promise and come back to the house that she can rightfully stay? Can the bond of true love break the meaning of a promise? Asha's and Ajay's strive to live is the rest of the movie "Chirag".

It's a really good movie, I don't think anyone can say they hate it or something. First things first...ASHA PAREKH IS SO FREAKIN BEAUTFUL!!! MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, had to let that out. Especially during the second half of the movie, where they stop the whole overdone sixties kaajal. She acts wonderfully too...made me cry in many scenes. Her two dances are okay ~ but Suresh Bhatt can't really choreograph that well so it's not her fault.

Sunil Dutt is awesome of course, I mean, is he ever not? I love how he molds into the I'll-do-anything-for-my-wife character (there should be more men like that in this world). And of course he's handsome hehehehe. Asha and him match quite well.

Supporting cast play their roles well. Most of the characters are fairly believable, maybe some stuff is over done ahem...Lalita Pawar haha. But anyway, most of the direction by Raj Khosla is done well. But in some places I'm sure anyone will notice some directional faults. Not so much not to watch the movie though so watch it lol.

And last but not EXCELLENT. Madan Mohan really put his heart into the compositions (well...he always does anyway). The background music is nice. There's four Lata songs, all which are beautifully sung by her. "Chayi Barkha Bahar", "Bhor Hote Kaaga", "Tere Ankhon Ke Siva", and "Mere Bichde Saati" are all a delight to the ears. Rafi's "Tere Ankhon Ke Siva" is also beautiful, and "Chirag Dil Ka Jalao" is excellent. There's a song that he sings in the beginning that is not that great, but it's cute...and it's Rafi after all. In my DVD "Chirag Dil Ka Jalao" is cut out, and I'm really mad! That's a beautiful song, is it even in this movie? Tell me if anyone knows.

So overall, nice movie. I totally recommend it. I give it an 8/10 ~ great family entertainment.

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A meaningful movie, 28 March 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Kaala Patthar is a meaningful movie with a good theme as well as entertainment.

The plot of Kaala Patthar is hard to describe, because the whole story is molded through strong characters. The three center characters are Vijay Pal Singh (Amitabh Bachchan), Ravi Malhotra (Shashi Kapoor), and Mangal Singh (Shatrugan Sinha). All of these men work in the same coal mine company which is owned by Seth Dhanraj (Prem Chopra).

Everyday, workers are treated with injustice. Seth Dhanraj is only interested in making his own money, and he could care less about the welfare of the thousands of people that work at his mine.

Vijay Pal Singh is known for his bravery around the mine. He saves people that are in trouble, and is always for justice. But Vijay himself believes that he is a coward, because he has a past that he does not share with anyone. Anyone except for a new doctor in town, Dr. Sudha Sen (Rakhee), who Vijay communicates well with. She also has a past, and both of them are broad-minded. Hmmnn, we all know what that means! :-D

Ravi Malhotra is hired as the engineer for Seth Dhanraj. He isn't heartless like Seth Dhanraj though, he cares about the needs and wants of the people who work at the mine. Ravi can basically be called a leader for the workers. On the job, he is reacquainted with an old friend and now-turned journalist, Anita (Parveen Babi). She also cares about the people, even though she is the rich daughter of Seth Dhanraj's friend.

Mangal Singh is a criminal who escapes from jail and ends up at the mine. He is very egotistical and likes to cause trouble. But through the tough times and the events surrounding the coal mine, he changes, and he becomes one of the many members who are in the battle against Seth Dhanraj for justice. He also saves a and falls in love with Channo (Neetu Singh), who is a jewelery seller who is liked by everyone.

So with so many wonderful people, will the fight for justice end? Or will it all end up in tragedy? Watch Kaala Patthar to find out.

Actingwise, everyone did a great job, and that's mostly what held the whole movie together. The star cast was well-chosen by Yash Chopra. Of course as usual, Amitabh Bachchan steals the show. His intensity mixed up with his coal-covered look make him light up the screen and he is a delight to watch. Shashi Kapoor and Shatrugan Sinha were wonderful. Both of them were funny in many scenes, and they played their characters perfectly.

The heroines, though none of them have too much of a role, make a big impact on the film. Rakhee is flawlessly beautiful, and she acts very well. She even made me cry in a few scenes. Neetu Singh plays her innocent, funny character well. She also dances good. Parveen Babi spoke her dialogs with much emotion and she suited the fashionable type role.

The music is not exactly the highlight of the film. The background music was directed by Salil Chowdary, and it was quite effective during the movie. Especially the music that's given when Amitabh stands up when he's mad hehehe. Anyway, Rajesh Roshan songs were average and aren't really worth listening to (in my opinion), except one song that I enjoyed, "Dhoom Mache Dhoom" by Lata and Rafi. Lata, Rafi, Kishore, and Mehendra Kapoor (who is given many meaningful lines to sing) all sing very was just the tunes that were not that great.

And last but not least, Yash Chopra's direction. It was very professional. He could have easily made it a boring movie, but he didn't. He made good choices for dialog writers (good old Salim-Javed) and the art director (Sudhendu Roy). It was nice of Yashji to choose an important topic so the audience would have a taste of what goes on in the coal mines, and how rich people can deceive the poor. The story itself is based on the Chasnala Coal Mine tragedy in Bihar. The only mistake Yash Chopra makes is his ending, and you'll have to see for yourself to know what I mean.

So basically, Kaala Patthar is a movie worth watching, you'll be entertained and you'll be touched. Great movie!

Bobby (1973)
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A Beautiful Love Story, 18 March 2005

"Bobby" is a fresh teenage love-story that has all the elements to make it a commercial, yet unique film.

Raja (Rishi Kapoor) is the son of a rich family. He was naughty in his childhood, and is sent to boarding school. He was never truly given the love of his own parents.

He grows up and comes back home. In his birthday party he catches a glimpse of Bobby (Dimple Kapadia). Raja is swept away, and for him, it's love at first sight.

Raja finds out that Bobby is the granddaughter of his governess Mrs. Briganza (Durga Khote). All his life, Raja had treated Mrs. Briganza more like his mother than his own mom, Sushma (Sonia Sahani). Bobby's dad is a fisherman named Jack Briganza (Prem Nath), who definitely likes his rum. He longs nothing more in the world than his daughter to be happy.

Raja and Bobby start to get to know each other better. And as they had suspected, they were soul mates. Now all they needed was permission to get married.

But they soon learn that the road may not be as smooth as they'd predicted. Raja's dad, Nath (Pran), has a lot of pride in his money and his "khandaan". Nath doesn't get along with Jack...and because of this, Raja and Bobby and prohibited from seeing each other.

But as the world knows, love has no boundaries...but in this case, could it be possible that Raja and Bobby can never be together? Was money that big of a deal? Or will it be a happy ending? Watch Bobby to find out!

I certainly loved this movie! The star cast was chosen nicely. Rishi Kapoor delivers a strong screen presence all while being pinch-my-cheek cute! Adorable I tell ya! Dimple Kapadia also looks cute in many scenes, and acts pretty good. Aruni Irani is wonderful in her role, and the character she played was expressed very well through her actions. Pran, well, what can I say? Akhir Pran hi tho hai! Woh hume kabhi disappoint nahin karega! Prem Nath acted nicely, and so did Durga Khote. Sonia Sahani had a small role, but she played it well to a nice extent. Farida Jalal had a significant special appearance. She played it perfectly.

The music! My god the music! Laxmikant-Pyarelal made beautiful evergreen tunes! The songs...the background music...everything was absolutely perfect. Well, except one thing. This is my opinion, but I didn't think there was any need to use Shailendra Singh for these marvelous songs. I think even more beauty could have been added to the songs if someone like Rafi, Kishore, or Mukesh had sung the songs. Besides, SS's voice didn't even suit Rishi that well.

I just have to talk about Lata of course! She once again proves how extremely flawlessly beautiful her voice is. When I finished watching the movie, her melodious voice continued to sing in my head. All the duets like "Hum Tum Ek Kamre Mein", "Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hai", and "Jhoot Bole Kauva Kaate" are sung perfectly by Lata. Her solo "Aye Phansa" is quite enjoyable too, it shows her versatility. Her one-line song, "Akhiyon Ko Rehne Do", is quite effective in the movie.

The hit song "Mein Shayar Tho Nahin" is composed perfectly...the lyrics are quite nice too. "Na Chahoon Sona Chandi" is quite entertaining, Manna Dey sings very nicely.

And last but not least, the direction by our showman Raj Kapoor. It was great, every scene is directed and edited with care, in order for the movie to be organized as well as entertaining. Some scenes made me cry. The character development is displayed well through the direction. One flaw though, and this is just my opinion. Sometimes the shorts/skirts for Dimple are just too short, and tended to give her a sleazy look. I was just waiting to see her in a pretty sari, but unfortunately I didn't get to see that.

But anyway, "Bobby" is definitely a classic. I give it a nine out of ten. Definitely worth watching.

Anari (1959)
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Another nice Raj Kapoor movie, 21 February 2005

This is another nice Raj Kapoor movie, directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee.

The story is about Rajkumar (Raj Kapoor), an unemployed honest painter who lives in a rented room to Mrs. D'Sa (Lalita Pawaar). He never pays his rent, and though Mrs. D'Sa gets annoyed, she treats him like her son.

On his way to finding a job, Raj bumps into Aarthi (Nutan), who was climbing over a wall to get out of her boring college class. Then he goes to his job interview, which is at a restaurant. He checks the daal (lentils) he finds a roach floating at the top. He reports this by screaming it out to everyone at the restaurant...which makes the manager very annoyed. Raj's honesty wasn't getting him anywhere, he gets kicked out.

He goes home only to make Mrs. D'Sa mad. The next day, he bumps in to Aarthi again (in a chain reaction biking crash lol). Aarthi tells him that her name is Aasha. But Aasha (Shuba Khote) is actually Aarthi's naukrani...even though they're like sisters. Aarthi continues to pretend that she herself is the naukrani. She invites Raj to paint a picture at her "malkin's" house the next day. Raj readily agrees.

The next day, Aarthi keeps on making up stories about her poorness, saying that her mom was really sick, and that's why she's working at the mansion. He gets paid 1,000 rupees for his work, but because of his kind heart, he gives it all back to Aarthi...saying that it would come in handy for her sick mother.

Which makes Aarthi like him all the more.

He goes back home, again with no pay to give Mrs. D'Sa. After a long argument, she gives him a quarter to go eat. When he's outside, Raj is almost hit by the car of Seth Ramnath (Motilal). Raj continues to look for his attani in the dark. To test his honesty, Seth Ramnath drops his wallet in the middle of the road. When Raj notices, he picks it up and wants to give the wallet back to Seth Ramnath...he gets chased by gonads...and goes through a lot ~ but he returns the wallet. Impressed, Seth Ramnath gives him a job in his office.

Raj's life starts going well. He does hard work. Mrs. D'Sa doesn't take his rent, because they basically become like mother and son. And of course he has his dear "Aasha".

But what Raj doesn't know is that Seth Ramnath is the uncle of his "Aasha", and what Seth Ramnath doesn't know is that Aarthi likes Raj. Poor Raj doesn't even know that his "Aasha" is actually Aarthi. He has yet to find out about what's in store for him.

And once he does (in a quite saddening way)...his life is upside down. To make matters worse, Mrs. D'Sa gets the flu.

Another thing that Raj doesn't know: the company he works at sells contaminated medicines sometimes.

How is Rajkumar's life supposed to come back together? Can a poor man ever marry a rich girl? Or ever be given justice? That's the plot. It's a great movie, with emotion as well as entertainment. Raj Kapoor, Nutan, Lalita Pawar, and everyone gave wonderful performances. Nutan looked exuberantly beautiful and matched well with Raj Kapoor.

And my god the music! Shankar Jaikishan once again delivers a perfect sound track. Songs like "Dil Ki Nazar Se", "Kisi Ki Muskarahoton", "Woh Chand Khila", "Tera Jaana" and so many more are just classics. Lata and Mukesh at their best once again. The background score is quite touching too. Helen's dance was a delight as usual.

Hrishkesh Mukherjee's direction is pretty good, and there are many times in the movie where you just have to cry. The relationships between all of the characters just light up the screen. Despite a few extremely sad situations, and some unreasonably evil characters, the direction is very nice. I give this movie an 8.5 out of 10! Watch this classic.

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A Nice Movie, 15 February 2005

Once again, Raj Kapoor produces a nice and touching movie.

The movie has a basic theme: dacoits against the law. But in between those two barriers is Raju (Raj Kapoor), a simple and honest fellow, who is pure as the Ganga River...hence the title. He is a dafli wala.

The story begins when the Sardar of a gang of Dakkus is shot by a police officer. When Raju passes by, singing in a quite jolly way, the Sardar points a gun at him, and tells Raju to take out any weapons that he has. Raju reaches into his bag and takes out his most powerful weapon...a fork. Yes, a fork, obviously Raju isn't a very violent person. In fact, he ties the wound, and feeds the man. When the Sardar becomes unconscious, Raju is worried. When he hears sounds outside, he comes out and says, "Khabardaar, mein police officer hoon" (Don't dare, I'm a police officer). Misunderstanding this, the dakkus kidnap Raju.

Here he has to prove to the unbelieving dacoits and their families that he is indeed just a dafliwala, and not a police officer. He shows off his talent, and some believe him and some don't.

One of the people who don't believe Raju is Rakka (Pran). He is very suspicious and is annoyed at Raju. Why is he annoyed, you ask? Because the village girl that Rakka wants to marry, Kammo (Padmini) starts to like Raju. And just as predicted, they want to get married. Kammo explains to him that the dakkus aren't bad, and that they just want to make the rich and the poor equal.

Ha, and Raju believes it.

But he soon finds out about their ruthless crime, especially Rakka, who kills a little boy and the brand new groom of a wedding where they were to steal. Raju can't take it any more, and he decides that he has a lot of problems to solve, not just with the dakkus, but with the police too...who he thinks stoop just as low to stop crime. His journey of love and justice starts here.

So that's basically the plot. Actingwise, many were impressive. Raj Kapoor, as usual, suited and flawlessly played his role. It's nice to know that he produced a movie with such a nice theme. And Pran was no less, he played his role with just as much intensity, and...I'm sad to say...had a better hair style than our Raj. Hey, but that's okay right? Lalita Pawar was very nice, and she also made me cry. Padmini overacted in a few parts, but her role was not too influential so it didn't really matter that much.

And last but not least...the music! Beautiful. Every bit of it, from the songs to the background score. Shankar Jaikishan once again makes a perfect soundtrack for Raj Kapoor. Lata, as usual, sang her heart out, captivating ours' as well. "O Basanti", "O Maine Pyar Kiya", "Begani Shaadi Mein", and "Kya Hua" are especially beautiful. The classic "Aa Ab Laut Chale" is magnificently sung by Mukesh, pierces the emotions...along with Lata's silk like voice in-between the stanzas. "Mera Naam Raju" and "Jis Desh Mein Ganga" are also classics sung by Mukesh. "Hum Bhi Hain" is also a must-listen.

The movie is touching and satisfying with every element of drama. I rate it an eight out of ten. I would have rated it higher if there weren't a few deaths that were a bit unnecessary...but I guess the director can't change the story. Watch the movie! A classic!

Do Badan (1966)
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A beautiful movie., 16 January 2005

"Do Badan" explores the true meaning of love and separation. It's a movie that you just can't have anything against! Asha (Asha Parekh) and Vikas (Manoj Kumar) first meet on a rather annoyed note. They're at college, Vikas is trying to study, and insists that Asha and her friends turn off their transistor. Of course they refuse and Vikas turns it off himself. Asha tells on him.

Vikas goes to the principal's office, while Asha and her friends listen in the doorway. The principal asks Vikas to pay a fine, and Vikas sadly tells him that he can punish him in anyway, but not to fine him. He wouldn't be able to pay it. Asha realizes that telling on him was a big mistake and takes back her complaint.

Soon, Vikas and Asha get to know each other better and start to fall in love. On the day of exams, Asha is surprised and worried to see that Vikas is not there. She later finds out that he had gone to see his very ill father.

Vikas's brother and his brother's wife are both stone hearted. Vikas's father dies, and all they care about is the money. Vikas overhears their conversation and decides to leave on his own, he was too dignified to live like this.

Vikas goes back to town, and he finds Asha again. She finds a job for Vikas in one of her dad's many industries. They're both so happy, and hope that they can some day get married.

Circumstances have it that Vikas soon finds out that Asha is actually the daughter of such a rich father. He tries to quit the job, but Asha insists that he doesn't. The love continues to blossom, and soon Ashwini (Pran) finds out about it.

Ashwini tells Asha's father about it. Soon they have a random party (gosh, why do rich people always have random parties like this?), and Asha's father not only is mean to Vikas, but suddenly announces the engagement of Aswini and Asha. He also tells Vikas to leave the next day.

Before he decides to go, Vikas tells Asha that he will come a rich man and take her away. Asha says that she doesn't care about money, but Vikas insists that she wait for him.

But before he leaves for Bombay, Vikas falls into Ashwini's trap and he drives a car without a brake in it. Fortunately he survives the accident, but his eyes are gone. He is devotedly served by a kind doctor Anjali (Simi).

Now, Vikas doesn't want Asha to live to serve him all her life...but how can Asha or Vikas ever forget each other? Does Asha marry Ashwini? You're going to have to judge this movie by yourself! It's a great movie, VERY sad, and VERY touching. Asha Parekh is beautiful, and Manoj Kumar is good looking...and both of their performances are great. Simi looks pretty also and acts nicely. Everyone did a good job for the acting part. The music by Ravi is enjoyable. Lata's magnificent voice in "Lo Aagayi Unki Yaad" brings tears to your eyes, along with Rafi's "Naseeb Mein", "Bhari Duniya", and "Raha Gardishon". Asha sings nicely also in "Jab Chali Tandhi Hawa" and "Mat Jayio Naukaria Chod Ke". Raj Khosla's direction is a feast for the eyes as well as the heart. A great movie...bring out the Kleenexes! 10/10

Abhimaan (1973)
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Watch this movie!, 19 December 2004

Abhimaan explores the depths of human character. It's a movie that makes you think, that also makes you entertained. Put together the perfect couple, excellent songs, and a unique've got a great movie!

Subir Kumar (Amitabh Bachchan) is a famous singer, who has millions of fans. Despite the fact that he is adored, he is lonely. He barely has close friends, except for Chitra (Bindu) and Chander (Asrani). One day he goes to his Mausi's house, and hears a voice. He discovers Uma (Jaya Bhaduri). Before he goes back to his usual mansion, they get married. Ready for a perfect life.

But then the problems start. Uma's career reaches inimitable heights, and soon Subir feels quite lonely even slightly jealous of his wife. Through all of this, Uma feels hurt, and says all the wrong things to her confused husband. Circumstances cause them to temporarily separate.

The fact is, Uma was pregnant when she goes to Subir's mausi's house. Everyone is mad at Subir now. Uma writes to Asrani telling him that she is expecting. Subir feels betrayed once again. Why didn't she tell him? He doesn't go to see Uma.

Uma miscarries the baby. Subir feels awful. Uma becomes can this chain of unfortunate events ever be put together to make their once perfect life? Watch Abhimaan to find out! I rate this movie a ten. It has the perfect songs sung by Lata Mangeshkar... "Nadiya Ki Nare", "Ab Tho Hai Tumse", and "Piya Bina" being my favorites. There are nice duets, "Teri Bindiya Re" sung by Lata and Rafi, and "Tere Mere Milan Ki" by Lata and Kishore Kumar. There is also Kishore Kumar's trendy "Meet Na Mila", which will surely entertain a movie watcher as well as a music lover. An excellent soundtrack by S.D. Burman.

Performance wise...spectacular by all! Amitabh, Jaya, Bindu, Asrani, Durga Khote, A.K. Hangal....they fit together like a perfect puzzle. Watch them all under the direction of Hrishikesh Mukherjee, to add another favorite to your list.

Black Mail (1973)
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A cool movie, 12 November 2004

Blackmail is a story of...well take a wild guess.

The movie is about Kailash (Dharmendra), Asha (Rakhee), and Jeevan (Shatrugan Sinha).

Kailash and Jeevan are best friends. Kailash secretly admires Asha for a while. One day at a restaurant, he finally admits it to Jeevan. Jeevan is ecstatic at such news.

But what innocent Kailash doesn't know is that Jeevan and Asha are already quite chummy with each other, and they want to get married.

Meanwhile, Dharmendra's scientist uncle, Madan Puri, finds the formula for unlimited solar power for electricity (sorry, a little blurry on that part). Madan Puri is earning millions because of his intelligent discovery.

Soon, circumstances come, and Jeevan tells Asha that he must go and fulfill his "future" and that he values it. He leaves Asha, who is now stuck between two men she is unsure of. Should it be Jeevan or Kailash.

After a long time of thinking, Asha decides that she will marry Kailash. They get married, and they seem to have a long happy life ahead of them. But guess who shows up at the wedding? You're right, Jeevan.

And now Jeevan says that Asha is the most valuable aspect of his life, not his future. But this is all confusing! Why is he telling her now, on her suhaag raat?

Watch this attention-grabbing movie, which shows the premeditated ways of those who blackmail to get what they want.

I rate this movie a 10, because it was very nicely made, and the songs are nice. Kishore Kumar's "Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas" is an evergreen track. Lata's voice is enchanting in "Asha O Asha" and "Naina Mere" composed by the musically gifted Kalyanji Anandji. Dharmendra's cool, Shatrugan's kinda funny, and Rakhee gives a beautiful performance. It's a unique story, put together with expertise by Vijay Anand. Watch it and be entertained.

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