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The must sees. Not all of them are strictly "horror", but there is at the very least quite a bit of suspense and mastery of "tension" in all these great films. If you have the same taste as me, start here. If you've seen them all, skip to my "8-star horror" list :)
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These are all watchable and entertaining, but lack something (for me). This is where I put most of the blockbuster American "horror." Horror is largely about "fun," and many of these are just that -- so don't pass them up.
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Second tier horror movies. Stuff I really like goes here and above (see my 10-star list).
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Movies that don't fit on my horror or sexy movies lists, yet I MUST add them somewhere... ie, they are good, so you MUST see them :) This list will be only current stuff I actually see, so it will grow slowly.
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I am going to slowly add to this list all the stuff I see and really like. I wont add anything I have already seen, so the list will probably grow very slowly. Anything I rate at 9 or 10 on the IMDB scale I'll put here. Hope you enjoy it :)
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Some of the best stuff is being produced for TV nowadays. This is a concise list of only my favorite stuff. I have these listed in the order that I like them, top being the best.
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I have horror lists on IMDB, and now I have a sexy movie list. Ha, not too hard to figure me out. Next i'll have a beer movie list. No no..... really though, i'll try to put together the best list I can of sexy and well made films, ALL with a single REQUIREMENT of having AT LEAST SOME NUDITY. So, fear not, if you see it here, is has nudity, and it is probably a pretty darned sexy and well-made film. Lastly, if my list is too short, don't worry, i'll be adding to it. Enjoy :)
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Usually fun, not so great horror flicks.
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2 star. Let my list save you the time. Not fun, not well-done. Not anything.