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On the Way Home (1992) (V)
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Very Moving story about grief and hope., 3 September 2011

This film really spoke to me and can be a great help to those experiencing grief. It was a big part of my joining the church.

It is distributed by The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints. The length of the film is only about 30 minutes. The previous reviewer noted " The first thing I seen that I watched was a bunch of guys play basketball." and that the cover of the video was deceptive. I am sure this was not intended. I think they were just showing that anyone can need spiritual guidance and LDS people are like everyone else.

I don't know who that reviewer hung out with as a teen, but my friends had many discussions, including that of various religions, and we were much more open back then. We just cared about each other. Too bad I only knew a Catholic, Lutheran and Presbiterian at the time.

THe criticism of the house and what happens in the back ground was a waste of print space since it really has nothing to do with the story and it isn't like they are the first to do it. Look at any other movie and see how the skip info.

Yes, this entire movie has flashbacks, but I had no trouble putting it together. The story centers around a hit and run and family dynamics and choices.

Obviously I found this store more interesting that the previous reviewer and maybe it just was not his time to open up completely to the power of faith since he was such a downer on it.

One of the Sister Missionaries says that it is impossible for her to feel what the family is going through. The family needs counseling. (although the counselors would not do that either) Although the family is about to change forever, a solution like this is not that simple. It never is. Sure this it true. But the reviewer did guess the original purpose. It was to introduce a topic to people; to open discussion. It was never set up to be a fully detailed story.

At least he did concede: Unfortunately this ...thing that I watched, is made a tiny bit too well to be kept confined as a tiny film...thing that it is. It should have been made into a full length film at least, with different story lines. And if so, perhaps the potential film could have put other family films to shame.

I want to get some copies of this for my friends.