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Royal Pains selling audience down the river, 2 September 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

E.C.T.? Really? Who paid whom to have Electric Convulsive Shock Therapy promoted? No matter the apparent medical legitimacy (the white coats, the sophisticated-looking equipment), the "modern" (drug-paralyzed) version of Ugo Cerletti's pig anesthetizing technique is simply torture.

Any value this show had dropped out the bottom on this point.

The excitement of seeing Hank running around, saving people from tragic medical conditions through his brilliant data analysis and untiring compassion for people, all turned black when these same qualities were associated with the biggest medical fraud ever pulled: psychiatry.

Psychiatrists admit that cures are non-existent in their field, yet their precious cash cow of torture passed off as therapy is now being promoted on prime time television.

When the mental health monopoly loses its precious government funding, how many people will be stupid enough to pay for their services? Rich or powerful people who want to get rid of a family member, I suppose.