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Here's my list again, just easier to look at. But I don't think their default pictures do them justice!!! I'm going up to 100. 1-50 are orignially in order from my image list. I've added the other ones below and I'm going to 100. Still gotta put them in order!
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Totally in order according to me. Gotta re order most of the list!!!
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...but I've seen some their films and liked them. All parts going to them could have been given to someone better. These are in order up to #12. The ones added further down aren't necessarily actors, but they have some kind of famous thing to them. And I hate it. *The only comment saw the list 1-12 only.
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Darn it! Do they look alike?! to me. Got my 100 finished. *I have changed/deleted some out. Because I've found better ones to replace.

@sailorsaturn231285: I think they only look alike with Palmer's default picture. Nothing more.

@camdpw2003: I can see that.

@luminescent_darkstar024: thanks?

@Lemonade_Lala: I think Steigers reminds me more of Brittany Snow. I thought everyone thought McAdams looked like Melissa George. Either way, thanks.
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Thanks to fjewett1, I have added Claire Forlani to my list. I do know her, she's on my list of people I've confused, and I love Mallrats, and her accent. So thanks for the input.

Thank you sarizonana, I do agree about Catherine Zeta Jones, and that's why she is first on my list. I believe she is the most beautiful/refined/elegant/sexy/hot/cute woman on screen.

I've put them in their own categories. Beautiful is first, Refined, Elegant, Sexy, Hot then Cute...Then in those categories I have put them in the order I think they go in. This is my opinion.
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*Still working on* This is a list of, obviously, the comedians I love! Even if some are not with us anymore, I still love them!
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This is a list of men that, like I said, remind me of my father. My dad is tall, thin, has a mustache, dark skin, dark eyes, and hair, but bald (mostly all of the time) and reminds me of all these men in his demeanors or looks. It's awesome. HA! No offense to anyone, especially my dad!
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List of 25 best love situations, romance, romantic comedies...according to super-jc I know nothing about romantic films. Idiot, I said "Love/Romance COMEDY". Sheesh. I didn't say they were strictly love films. HAHA! So I changed my title from Best to Must See. Share your list with me if you think I've done wrong.
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These are all around the best movie characters ever.
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This is a list of women that, like I said, remind me of my mother. My mother is short, thin, has a big smile, lights skin, dark eyes, and hair, and keeps it short. She reminds me of all these women in her attitudes or looks (Mostly smiles). It's awesome. HA! No offense to anyone, especially my mother!
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I am proud to share my birthday with the following people. (In this order, for the most part) Happy Late Birthday to you all! <3
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Didn't see them all but I liked most of the ones I've watched. Haha! I didn't see Horrorfest 3-5. I suck. I tried to put them in the order I liked them.
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...and things that are similar. These are some movies where you'll see the characters get messed with, in their minds.
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My list of best actors and actresses. 3 must watch movies of each. MUST WATCH If you don't like these actors, I feel that after these films, you will.
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It's so hard to put these in order, like all my lists are. 14 (so far) of my favorite fantasy, American fantasy, epic fantasy, British/American fantasy, heroic fantasy, science fantasy, and fantasy adventure films. *Will add more later.
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Ensemble Casting Only! Not a real movie or even possible, but I think these could play each character! I chose 2 people for Goku, Piccolo, (adolescent) Gohan, Tien, and Nail, because I couldn't make up my mind. I don't have picks, yet, for (kid) Gohan, (teen) Gohan, Goten or Gotenks. Please HELP!!! *Will add more later* *THANKS TO ALL COMMENTS. I LIKE THE FEEDBACK, BUT I'M NOT CHANGING MY CURRENT PICKS. SORRY. IT TOOK ME FOREVER TO FIND WHAT I WANTED. PLEASE MAKE YOUR OWN AND LET ME SEE WHAT YOU COME UP WITH. IT WOULD BE COOL.
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My faves.
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My favorites, all in order.
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14-17, 19, 21-25 are really just my guilty pleasures. I can literally watch them over and over even though some are cheesy. The rest are must watch High School/Teen-ish/Coming of Age Films.
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25 of my most favorite television characters. I like my shows and I love the characters. That's what keeps me watching.
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25 premium picks according to me...