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really sad movies that i really love anyway
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Disney movies I haven't seen for unknown reasons.
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based on looks. for shame.
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Movies I own, not all by choice.
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Favorite 100 movies ... so far in life.
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movies about zombies or zombie-like creatures that I enjoy watching.
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Sometimes you just want to watch a sh**** movie.
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based on talent, not ones i just like looking at.
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I love movies about revenge!
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I'm just going to list the movies they appear in and mention the couples in the comments.
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in no particular order
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Movies about extraterrestrial life that I enjoy watching.
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Haven't seen it yet, but noticed the cast choice. Not what I was picturing.

saw it. thought everyone did a real good job, although I probably would have picked someone else for gale in the end. oh wells. We'll see when/if he gets more screen time in the other movies.
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Beautiful ladies
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Being a female, I gravitate towards strong female leads.