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Inhumanoid (1996) (TV)
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I tried to watch this...but couldn't make it through., 23 March 2008

You commented on the atmosphere being lacking. I lost track of the movie 1/2 way through and I soon ran out of breathe due too lack of atmosphere. I did not in anyway enjoy this, and I was drunk looking for mindless entertainment. I will leave you to decide the quality of this film on your own, but I certainly didn't enjoy this film. Apparently IMDb now requires 10 lines of text to tell why you disliked a movie. I will point out that they require less as to why you enjoyed a film. I do not believe this is fair as it is much easier for someone like me to espouse love, interest or like for a movie than hate. I will normally tell you what I like about a film versus what I did not like, but when I see a crap film I want to be able to review it as a crap film, just my two cents. Come on, at least I gave it a 2.

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Gotta agree..., 2 January 2007

there are a lot of opportunities for female nudity wasted in this one. It would have scored much higher if they had taken the opportunities available. The storyline, while somewhat implausible, was not beyond suspension of disbelief. The blond girl who has constant trouble with her shower, keeps bringing guys up to fix it and never put out made me almost as frustrated as the guys "fixing" the shower. Realistically, if the film maker wanted people to actually watch this drivel they would have included the nudity that the film could have presented. The multiple shower/bath scenes where the girls were titillating the male characters would have played much better if they titillated the viewer as well.

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Dominique Swain in a bikini., 24 October 2003

This is not the worst film I have ever seen, but it isn't the best either. Truly the best aspect of the whole movie is the lovely Miss Swain strutting around the deck of a boat wearing an itsy-bitsy teenie-weenie pink bikini. Overall, it's a story of jealousy and paranoia taking control of a group of already out-of-control young adults.