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Fan (2016/I)
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Well, it was something. The SRK what I grew up watching, 14 April 2016

FAN is Shah Rukh Khan's best performance till date. His Aryan Khanna is Excellent but his Gaurav Chandana is better. This is the SRK I grew up watching. He can't really top this one. Kudos to the VFX and the prosthetic team for the make up. Maneesh Sharma's direction was brilliant. The story is different. The dialogues are very very good. Habib Faisal has done a good job with the dialogues. The costumes are dope for Gaurav . The editing is crisp and the screenplay is Fantastic. The movie has no songs(That was a bummer) The cinematography was exceptional, great locations. Since, the movie is completely focused on Aryan and Gaurav, the supporting cast don't have much to do. It's good seeing a movies like this is being made. Something different.

It won't be a great success at the Box Office as it's a dark movie.

The flaw what I found was the Special Effects in the first Chase Sequence- You'll notice it.

Well one of the best movies SRK has ever acted in. 9ish/10

PK (2014)
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What are waiting for ? Go and Watch Bollywood's Best Movie of the Year, 18 December 2014

I'll be a bit Biased Since i'm an SRK fan .

Prior to the movie , My intention was to go for the first-Day-First Show and Bitch about the movie on my Facebook and Twitter Feed.

When the movie Ended, I wiped a drop of tear from my eye. It was A masterpiece which I had Witnessed. I really thought that MR RKh and mr VVC couldn't re capture the epic-ness that 3 idiots created. From the first trailer , I have been lying to myself that how awful the movie might end up. Though every time I would get a Goosebumps instead.

Let's talk about the Movie .

The movie takes a bit time to start but once Aamir Khan's character is introduced , it just a matter of time that forget that 2 and half hours of life is gone. I always said that Aamir khan needed a great script to back his performance up. BUT for me this Performance is a Top notch higher from any of his best works. I think Shahid Kapur just lost his Filmfare Award for the best actor.

What can be said about Anushka Sharma, a breezy performance . She nails the character. Sushant Singh Rajput - BOSS!! this guy has a Great future. Sanjay Dutt - Magnificent. Mr irani and Shukla sir are fab their roles.

The Direction is Top Notch. The Story is WOW!!!!! I wouldn't talk about it much.

The Music is good. The technical department has done a great Job

I don't wanna spoil this movie much. I went in as a hater and i came out a Happy person.

I'm pretty sure People will this Movie more than 3 idiots .

10/10 A Master Piece by the Team and Mind that Bought you 3 Idiots

p.S - SRK choose Happy New Year over this!!!!

Kick (2014)
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Salman Khan's best work since Dabnagg, 25 July 2014

I had seen the Telugu version of "Kick" and I wasn't really impressed by it. I felt it had a nice concept but it could have been better. I didn't really have High Hopes for Kick but when I saw the trailer, I felt that this movie could be different. I had a few doubts since the Original version had many unnecessary scenes which hampered the overall impact of the movie.

When I saw this movie , today . I really felt good. It was a well made movie. And Considering the amount of vulgarities shown in the these types of masala movies . Kick didn't have any.

Story Wise : The Story is a bit different from the original. The first half has less BS from the Earlier version. Though it drags and is annoying sometimes(on many occasions , lack of logic) but the decent flow of songs and the antics of Salman Khan keep you in the loop. the Action Sequence was excellent ( Well Choreographed , Excellent VFX)

The 2nd Half is a Game Changer. Apart from a couple of illogical scenes .This half is a total roller coaster ride.Action Sequences are top notch with some excellent cinematography esp in the Poland Sequences.

Acting : Salman Khan is back with a bang. Be it the comic, serious or even the romantic scenes.He was Fantastic in all of them . He was enjoying the role. Randeep Hooda was top notch. Really impressed. Finally he gets a role to show case his talent. Excellent. Badass.

Nawazuddin was a revelation . He was mesmerizing from the his start till the end. He was excellent in his every scene. Jacqueline was sweet in her role. She is extremely beautiful. She didn't seem forced. She did a great job.

The supporting cast were good in their parts.

Music : Songs were not completely forced. One could have easily anticipated them.

Action : Better than Dhoom 3(In terms of Special VFX)

Direction : Considering it's Mr Nadiawala's First movie . It's pretty impressive.

Overall, A perfect Eid Entertainer. Nothing more Nothing less. It has a message which "Jai Ho" failed to convey.

6.5/10 - This is coming from a die hard SRK fan. I'm impressed.

The Second half is a game changer

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Surprisingly Amazing!!!!, 1 May 2014

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Is a fantastic sequel(Surprisingly) .

Andrew Garfield is excellent. He practically lives the character. His One Liners are hilarious. Emma Stone is beautiful. The Chemistry between them is pretty good. Jamie Foxx as Electro is good but as Max he is pretty annoying. The whole of being rejected was really not cool . Dane DeHaan as Harry Osborn is solid. His scenes with Garfield are pretty solid. This guy has a great future. The Action Sequences are very good. This is one of the movies I would recommend people watching in 3D. The Story develops in a decent way. The Special Effects are top Notch. Climax is really boring and the movie sometimes fail to connect emotionally.

Last Sequence of the Movie , Pretty BADASSSSSSSSSSSSS!!

Overall, it's a great start to the summer as it's a fun entertainer.

Don't Compare it with CA 2.

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A Fresh movie with Some Great Lead Performances, 11 February 2014

I have to admit post Gori Tere Pyaar Mein , I had doubts For this movie. Cause GTPM wasn't really up to the Mark.

But I was shocked. This Movie isn't exactly a Rom Com . It's more of a lightly dramatic movie with bits and pieces of Romance.

The Plot : Nikhil (Sidharth Malhotra) is a struggling businessman whose girlfriend Karishma (Adah Sharma) is an actress. Nikhil is a guy who believes once you are committed to a girl, there should be no straying. He is the guy every girl would love to have. Karishma asks Nikhil to arrange INR 5 crores before marriage, which is 7 days later to earn a contract. In the mean time, Nikhil meets Meeta (Parineeti Chopra), Karishma's younger sister, with whom he had a brief encounter 7 years ago.

Positives : The Performances from the Whole Cast.It's so good.

Firstly, Parineeti Chopra! Man, This girl is a revelation. Every Moment and Every scene she is a power house of a performance . Every time I see her in a movie I end up being surprised by her versatility and her confidence. A Filmfare Nomination , Maybe? HER Chinese!!

Secondly , Sidharth Malhotra is such a fantastic actor. I liked him in SOTY. He really gives a calm and composing performance as a person who is struggling in his both personal and professional life. He has his moments to shine in a few scenes.

Thirdly , Adhah Sharma . I really felt bad for her. Never thought that she could be such a good actress . Sadly , her screen time was too less.

The Plot : Clichéd yes, Fun YES! Really a good plot.

The Music : There is a Wedding Song , a Party Song and a Song at the end. But , It's the slow tracks like IShq Bulava, Manchala and Zehneseeb which lift the flow of the movie. Good Job VS ;)

The Fluid Directon : Vinil Mathew's Debut ? Well , Have a good career.

Negatives - The Length of Adah Sharma's Role , The Pace in start gets a bit slow. The Plot is Clichéd. A Few glitches here and there.

Final Word: Hasee toh Phasee is a Great Movie with some good music and great performances . Watch this ONE ! 8/10

Boss (2013/I)
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Akshay Kumar saves the day!!!, 15 October 2013

Boss is a watchable movie. Akshay Kumar saves the movie from being a crap fare. He Enacts the part with such charm and ease , it's hard to hate him.

Story : It's a Paper thin Plot. Less on logic More on Flying Emotion Sequences. Acting : Akshay Kumar lives up to the Title "Boss" , he an energetic performance. Ronit Roy is a Revelation but sadly he isn't given enough screen time. Shiv Pandit (Shaitan) is good but it's not the right movie for him. Aditi Rao Hydari is useless in the movie , hard to see an actress with this caliber to play an eye candy. Mithun Sir and Danny Sir are good in their parts.

Music: Hum Na Tode is a treat to watch. Rest of the Album is average . Songs Just start playing.

Direction : The direction is fine .

Overall: An average over-the-top action fare which will be enjoyed by Akshay Kumar Fans.

I expected a lot more . 4.5/10

Zanjeer (2013)
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The isn't Zanjeer we wanted! Sanjay Dutt is the Saving Grace, 6 September 2013

It's clear that Bollywood wants to make Quick Money by Making Remakes . They Practically Screwed this Remake. I believe that Ram Charan is a Great Actor. He tried but debuting in a Bollywood movie which is a remake of a classic is stupid. Priyanka Chopra is a great actress we saw her in Barfi but does she have to shed clothes and be an arm candy in the movie? Why? Prakash Raj is Stereo-typed. Mahie Gill must watch her Previous movies and learn acting.

The Only Good thing in the Movie is Sanjay Dutt. He does a Fab job but sadly his Screen time isn't that much which is BAD!!

The Story is hammed. the Direct by Apoorva Lakhia is below average. the Music isn't great.

The action is good.

Overall, A Below Average fare.

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White House Down. Better than Expected, 27 June 2013

Whenever I go for a Movie , I am pretty Optimistic about it. Surprisingly, I had a sort of a weird feeling about this movie as I was Disappointed with Die Hard 5 earlier this year.

The Movie starts of slowly and as soon as it's gets the pace you are in a for a fun ride.

The action sequences are shot beautifully and looks like Mr Roland Loves Destroying the WHITE House. Even The White House is destroyed in a Awesome Manner which looks satisfying.

However, The Plot is CHEESY(What are we expecting) but still it grips you till the last moment.

Nevertheless , We Have fine performances from Channing Tatum who is improving as an actor. He has the charm and screen presence which is required in a Leading actor. Jamie Foxx is extremely cool as the President. One of the major Pluses of the movie is the chemistry between these two leads. They gel up beautifully with each other and the one liners are extremely funny. Maggie is Good with her role. Rest of the cast in their Places.

The Drawbacks of the movie are that firstly the script is cheesy, the girl who plays Channing Tatum's Daughter turns out to be annoying and Plus the movie takes time to set itself up.

To Sum Up, We have a Fun Summer Movie Here. Don't expect to be a Logical and Serious Movie. With Great performances and some good Action.

Recommend ! 7.5/10

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THE DARK KNIGHT of Arrow!, 16 May 2013

It would be No Doubt that ARROW would be a part of Justice League Movie. This Season Finale is EPIC!!! Perfect. This is the first time in Arrow , that they grip you till the last second. Amazing Episode. Stephen Amell is first rate. I won't be surprised when he turns into a Hollywood A Lister in the near future. The Story is gripping. It's High on Action and emotions and is filled with enough twists and turns. The flash Back was Awesome but saving Starling was awesome. It shows the Human Side of Oliver. Colin Donell was extremely good esp his scenes with Amell. The supporting Cast was really good. Overall a Straight 10/10. The episode was "THE DARK KNIGHT" of the show. Worth Waiting for Season 2

Himmatwala (2013)
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You have to be a 'Himmatwala' to watch ''Himmatwala'', 29 March 2013

You need to be brave, courageous and strong to watch this Movie. This more like a Torture than an Entertainer. Sajid Khan Claimed that this is the best movie he made. HE must visit a Doctor. Ajay Devgn shouldn't sign movies which are remakes. It's sad and disappointing to see a fantastic actor losing his track by doing these crap Masala movies.

Well Now for the Movie

Direction : It's weak and not worth commenting. This worst Sajid Khan's Movie ever. Dialogues are average. Looks like a 10 year old wrote it.

Performances : Ajay Devgn tries hard but the script is awful. Ajay Is just okay. He looks convincing though. He has a one or two good scenes but that 's not enough. Tamannaah Bhatia is wasted . She is beautiful and has a screen presence but she is more like a Talking Doll. Mahesh Manjrekar is good. Paresh Rawal is the SAVING GRACE of the movie. His performance will make you laugh. Rest of the cast is purely average.

Music : The original was famous for it's music and it's dance set pieces. The music isn't great expect the 2 songs "Taki Taki" and " Naino Mein Sapna". But the choreography is AWFUL.There are 2 item songs. Not Great.

Action : It's over the ROOF TOP. Senseless to be frank.

Overall : It's a Waste of time. Better watch "JOLLY L.L.B" or 'Mere Dad Ki Maruti' Wait for It : It has A TIGER!!!! AJAY DEVGN FIGHTS WITH A TIGER AND WINS!!! YES A TIGER!!! OHH GOD WHY???



This movie can can be Compared his Sister's with Tees Maar Khan and His Brother-in-Law's Joker.

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