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One of my favorite films., 24 October 2003

This is one of my favorite films of all time. I loved every character, and every actor and actress. The film is charming. It is serious, funny, heartwarming; and the music is both charming and beautiful. This story must have been written with Ramon Novarro, Dorothy Jordan, and Renee Adoree in mind; but the whole cast is "perfect". I wish that this film will someday be available on video. Some may find this film naive or too simplistic, but it's innocence and sincerity overwhelm me.

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Beautiful, 24 October 2003

A beautiful story of love, that reminded me of Greta Garbo's "Anna Christie". I loved Vilma Bankee's voice and accent. I felt that the film was charming in it's "innocence" and simplicity, while dealing with a very complex issue. I hope that I may someday see it again.