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Ravenswood (2017)
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Best Part Was the Ending Theme, 18 August 2017

After reading the description on Redbox, this film seemed to be right up my alley for a cheesy, asylum horror flick. I was really looking forward to watching this movie, but I should have known by the opening scene that this film was going to be a jumpy mess that made no sense.

After the opening scene, it introduces the main characters and all of them have the personality of a wet paper bag. Actually, that's unfair. A wet paper bag is still useful after it dries. The only character I found myself liking was Zach, played by Jock Campbell. He seemed to be the only person to bring any type of life to the character he was given. The acting is stiff at best for everyone else, though it does occasionally pick up here and there.

Now for the story: Wait. What story? No spoilers, but the main female, Sofia (Madeline Marie Dona) kept going on about this whole "wait for sex," "six months," "you know why," thing. But that's just it. It NEVER explains the time frame. It gives some backstory to her why she doesn't want it, but what was with the whole "six months" thing? Like...I kept waiting for that to come into play and it never did. And all of her friends keep saying how she's so "strong" and all this nonsense, but we never see it. You can't just keep saying what a character is. You have to show it.

That's the point of film. SHOW, don't TELL.

At no point throughout the movie is she ever shown doing anything noteworthy. She never tries fighting off the spirit, she never stands up for herself, she never does anything. Honestly, I found her and the boyfriend character to be the least interesting in the entire film and she was a main focus. If you're the main focus, you have to be interesting - entertaining. Just...something.

Most of these characters could be replaced with balloons with faces painted on them and you'd get the same amount of energy.

Look, I love cheesy horror flicks. Those dealing with mental institutions and possessions are usually my go-to movies for some fun and entertainment. This should have been a perfect movie for that and it wasn't. It honestly annoys me that I wasted the $1.69 to rent this thing.

The ending theme was pretty good, though.

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Good Adaptation - Kept the Characters On Point, 13 January 2016

So I finally got to watch Shadowhunters.

And okay: it doesn't follow the book (so far) that closely, but I can understand the changes necessary for a television show adaptation. Unlike a book, where we get sucked in by (typically) the writing style and character introductions first, a TV show is towards a different audience. So they need to give the general public more of what to expect later on - to be like, "Hey! It's worth watching if you stay with us!" type of thing.

That being said, I did thoroughly enjoy it. Anytime there is a book-to-movie/show or game-to-movie adaptation, I walk in with an opened mind - knowing that things are gonna change, but as long as they keep the main characters the same with similar plot points, I'm perfectly content (hence why I LOVE the first Silent Hill film, though it wasn't that close to the game). And I thought it was well done in the show.

Simon's reactions were hysterical and, if I do have one complaint, it's that he is WAY too good looking. However, that aside, his character hasn't really changed. I liked how Magnus and Valentine were given little snippets of their personalities and situations, as well. Even though we all know they weren't mentioned until much later in the book (again, they gotta hook the general audience). I liked how Iz made that comment to Alec, hinting on his crush - I thought that was cute and in-character for her.

My only complaint on Alec was that, for him, killing a demon in the book was a huge deal because he'd never really done it before and in this, he was slashing away with Jace and Izzy. I feel like that was a change that was unneeded because his shy demeanor (which is still there) was much more prevalent in the book.

I did like Clary's character - especially considering I could not STAND her until the third book. So that's a good note. I like her more down-to-earth character in this show and I hope it stays that way.

All that being said, I think it's a good adaptation and I look forward to seeing it every week.

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LOL. This is a movie?, 15 December 2013

This is a parody of bad movies, not a movie itself.

I refuse to believe this is an actual film (or supposed to be one). All I did was laugh the entire time. And can we PLEASE talk about that "dinosaur"? OMG. I haven't laughed that hard is YEARS.

I saw Phelous' review on the film and, after dying of laughter, decided to try to watch the movie itself. And it was even funnier. It's so bad! Like...there is NO WAY these people thought this was a good idea or thought they could even act. The only half-decent actor in the entire film is drowned out with background noise.

Plus, you think this film has a plot? HA! They ditch the "plot" and, if you somehow make it to the ending, you'll just be like, "LOL. What?" I mean this movie is beyond bad. That's what makes it so funny.

Prisoners (2013)
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One of the best films of the year, 22 October 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I won't lie: I'm a huge fan of Jake Gyllenhaal and have been for a number of years. I've never seen a movie of his I didn't like. And, while I do like Hugh Jackman (and I do think he's a great actor), he's never been one of my favourites.

That being said, I did enjoy Prisoners…a lot. The movie was gritty, intense and emotionally involved. Jake has definitely found his niche with the law-enforcement-themed films. Prisoners is about child abductions and the effects it has on the families involved and those who take on the case. It is a realistic approach on that matter (much like Jake's other film, End of Watch).

You have two families ((Dovers' (father played by Hugh Jackman) and the Birches (father played by Terrance Howard))) getting together for Thanksgiving, when things take a turn for the worse when their youngest children get abducted. Then you have the investigator (played by Jake Gyllenhaal) who isn't really a rookie for investigations, but a rookie when it comes to dealing with child abduction cases. And it takes its toll on him.

He gets emotionally invested, which is something they (investigators) try their hardest not to do.


Then you have Keller Dover (Hugh Jackman) who ends up abducting the person they think is responsible, Alex Jones (Paul Dano). He ends up torturing him, trying to get information from him, despite Alex being mentally handicapped. Franklin Birch (Terrance Howard) steps in and, while he thinks it's morally wrong, is so desperate to find his daughter, he goes along with it. He does fight between what is right and wrong and even tells his wife (Viola Davis) about it, but she's on Keller's side.

Meanwhile, Detective Loki (Gyllenhaal) is losing it to the case. He's having breakdowns and is desperate to find the girls.


Honestly, I think this is some of the best performances by these actors. I never saw Terrance as a serious actor before this, but after this film, my opinion is changing. Hugh Jackman's always been able to do serious roles and he really is great in this - probably one of his best performances.

Jake, however, while I do feel this is another amazing and in intense performance, nothing will ever top End of Watch for me. This is a runner-up, though. His performance is flawless and he does show the reality these types of cases has on investigators.


One thing I did joke about with my mum afterwards, though, was that End of Watch ended with Zavala (Michael Pena) dying and Taylor (Jake Gyllenhaal) being forced to live with his best friend and partner being dead. This felt somewhat like a continuation on that. Like Taylor decided to quit the LAPD, move to a smaller department, but keep going and train up to be an investigator, despite being without his partner. So things got to him easier.


This film is insanely amazing. It's real, it's dark, it's gritty and it's one you have to be emotionally prepared to handle. Even if you're not, still see it. It's a great movie with intense scenes and it's the most realistic performances from Hugh and Terrance that I'd never thought I'd see.

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A Little Too Much Action, Not Enough Development, 25 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Silent Hill: Revelation is a fangirl's haven. They even referenced TRAVIS! I freaked the hell out!!

Granted, they changed quite a bit from the game and there were some things that were kinda "what?" with their changes.

(Full review and spoilers)

In the game, Harry is killed in their apartment when Heather gets back from her Nightmare at the mall. What drives her to Silent Hill is finding out WHY her father was killed and who she is. Vincent - you don't even really meet him until a third through the game, though I get why they introduced him like they did for the film. Then you have Douglas, who wasn't supposed to die that soon and actually helps Heather.

He didn't help her in the slightest, so his character was just kinda… there. And Claudia was the one that was supposed to actually off him after telling him what Heather was going to be used for. I was looking SO FORWARD to that!!

Some pros were that the movie starts out similarly to the game, with her dreaming that she's at the Lakeside Amusement Park. What got confusing, though, was that Nightmare!Silent Hill was so prevalent and there wasn't a lot of the typical Silent Hill (more on this later).

I will say that, this time, Pyramid Head made sense. He didn't make sense at all in the first one, considering he's in the second game (unrelated to the first and third games) and is the manifestation of James' inner turmoil. They switched his meaning around to have him in this film, but it worked and you can tell that it was really something for the fans - to have Pyramid Head portrayed as he was. As a fan, I DIDN'T MIND AND I LOVED THE TAKE.

There was a lot of action, which, while it's nice, it took away from the character development and the real dark feel of Silent Hill. The whole love of Silent Hill is being completely alone, trying to solve puzzles and figure out everything on your own, occasionally running into another person, but eventually just going your own way. That's what draws the fans to the series and why the first film was pretty damn good.

Look, I've been a Silent Hill fan since the first game was released in the 90s and I even own the Silent Hill Play Novel - I taught myself to read Japanese all so I could play that game. Maybe I'm being a bit harsh, but then again…. Like I said, there was a lot to put into one film from one of the best games in the series. It was an interesting take! And while I may not go to see it in theatres again, I will definitely be getting it when it comes out on DVD.

Oh! They also had about five different rearrangements of "Never Forget Me, Never Forgive Me," each sounding wickedly awesome and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn was singing the ending theme. That just *made* it for me. I love that they use Akira Yamaoka's music in it. The music really does give the feel of Silent Hill.

Sinister (2012/I)
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First movie to scare me in years, 24 October 2012

I'm a horror movie junkie. I stopped be scared of them when the ridiculousness of them was blatantly on screen. However, this movie actually terrified me, something which hasn't happened since "The Ring."

What's funny is that, while I was watching it, the movie didn't scare me. In fact, my friend and I were laughing about it in the parking lot afterwords. But it slowly started set in around midnight. It's a disturbing film, which you don't even realize until the credits have rolled and you're at home.

Plus, I *love* the music in it. It sounds very inspired by Akira Yamaoka's work (who did the music for the Silent Hill games). It's that dark, disturbing and sinister-type music that are really more sounds than actual music, but enough to make your heart jump. Horror movie fans, you'll love this film.

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One of the Worst Films, 15 September 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Let me start off by saying that when I first started watching it, I was expecting something along the lines of "Grave Encounters." Boy, was I surely mistaken.

I should have known from the beginning that this was going to be a horrible film when they were using cutaway scenes of one of the guys cheating on his girlfriend. Just a useless sex scene for a chance to show some boob. No reason for it whatsoever. On top of that, these people rarely shake their cameras and just film everything, constantly, with some really poor dialog. At least in other films that do hand-held cameras, it's because they're using the light on them when it's pitch black - it's justified. Not this film, oh no.

Plus, there is absolutely no character depth. You don't get to learn anything about their back-stories, except when one dude's getting killed, you find out that his mother is apparently dead. No mention of that earlier in the film or anything.

Then we have the even more annoying cutaway scenes to John in the hospital. Let me just say that the guy who plays John and the woman who plays the "investigator" have to be two of the worst actors in in the history of ever. The scenes were cheesy, stupid and pointless. The ending to the film made absolutely no sense. Dealt with some "Secret Special FBI" nonsense that, I guess, is supposed to play into peoples' conspiracy paranoia.

If you want a good "paranormal" first-person film, watch "Grave Encounters" or stick to the "Paranormal Activity" franchise. Those are tastefully done and the aforementioned is probably one of the best ghost-films I've seen in over a decade.

Chronicle (2012)
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Tastefully Done and Amazing!!, 4 February 2012

I'm normally not a big fan of the first-person films; I found Blair Witch to be boring and Cloverfield to be nauseating (it wouldn't stop moving). A few, however, have kept me from stopping to watch them. Independent films, like Grave Encounters, and box office hits like Paranomal Activity 1 & 2.

This is one of those that sets the bar! The film opens with the main character, Andrew, reflected in the mirror on his door with his new video camera. Right off the bat, it's on a tripod to keep it from moving and, while the film does have it in the characters' hands, for the most part, Andrew uses his telekinesis to suspend it in the air to keep it still. It starts off a little slow, but it sets the tone for the rest of the film. Once they discover the hole and acquire the abilities, however, the movie picks up and becomes fun.

To be honest, I spent half of the film with this stupid smile stuck to my face, because that is EXACTLY what someone would do if they suddenly acquired powers. They would experiment and have fun, be stupid and joke around with people. Play pranks, etc. You do feel bad for Andrew, though. By the end of the film, you wanna keep saying that they all deserved it and anyone would snap after being through what he had gone through (nothing that the previews haven't shown, by the way).

The end of the movie speeds up and is done with multiple cameras: from people having their own hand-helds filming, security cameras in buildings and police cars, it gets a little hectic. A few times I was wishing that one of the cameras would just stay still long enough, but it was still brilliantly done. I won't put any spoilers.

The point is that if you want to see this film, the movie WAY passes the trailers! If you've been having doubts, see it! It's AMAZING! One of the best first-person films I've seen!

Gothika (2003)
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Not for the Scare, for the Fun, 28 December 2011

A lot of people take this film too seriously. I, for one, loved this movie. I'm a horror movie junkie and, after watching so many, they don't scare me; so I don't watch these movies to be scared. I watch them for the entertainment value.

That's why this movie gets such a great review.

I delivers that psychological aspect that many horror films don't - it doesn't rely on blood and gore and gives off a very dark and sadistic feel. Especially with the cool tones used in the editing.

Originally, I watched this movie because Halle Berry was in it and she usually doesn't do horror; her acting was flawless and she portrayed the part so well. Yes, a lot of it was expected, so there wasn't much a surprise value; but most of your horror movies work that way (American horror, anyway).

This film had me interested from the get-go, though. I love the human brain and analyzing it, so watching doctors do what they're trained to do (even in a film aspect) was quite a step-up from the usual status quo. The ending is still one of my favourite scenes - no spoilers, though. But the end gives off such a feel that you can't help but just feel something sinister lurking (a Silent Hill feel, if you would - and I mean the games). Ending it with Behind Blue Eyes by Limp Bizkit just...made it.