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Work in progress
Criteria: Movies taking place in one location. A house, room, hotel etc. Can also be movies "mostly" in one place like The Shining, Resevoir Dogs, Hard Candy etc.
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Haunted House Movies worth a watch.
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Zombie movies worth a watch
Criteria: If it's dead, and moving around it's a zombie
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This is a work in progress
This list will not contain series like family guy, simpsons, two and a half men, big bang theory etc etc.
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Great vampire movies
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Movies taking place on plane(s). Might throw in some cool plane scenes from movies that isn't located on planes.
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Movies that shaped the future of film from my POV
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Horror/Thriller/Action movies with one or more aliens.
Creatures from outer space.
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Movies where people are possesed by demons or satan himself.
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Movies where the plot takes place mostly on trains.
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I know there is alot of highly reccomended movies that aren't here, but i haven't seen alot of new movies lately. Still i think 2012 was a great year for movies. Enjoy
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Had to make a top 10 list for my favorite director as i feel he is higly overlooked and underrated. This is my personal top 10. Keep in mind that i do not put halloween in this list because that is a no brainer. Also there is alot of Carpenter movies i haven't seen yet (i want to save some for later).