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Malcolm X (1992)
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Interesting and Disappointing..., 25 November 2005

First of all, I gotta say Denzel was awesome as Malcolm X. Before seeing this movie, I knew very little about Malcolm X. After watching it, it gave me a sense of how stupid smart people can actually be. While I think Malcolm X's intentions were for the best part good, there was too much hate in his soul to do any real good. And to me, this film portrays a prime example of how religion can fuel hate. That is surely what religion is NOT supposed to be about, but sadly, since the dawn of time, that has often been the outcome.

I think Malcolm X was an intelligent man, but easily led by his emotions and too quick to adapt to whatever religious quota fit his mood at the time. In a way, he was like a child; easily led, influenced. Looking for that religious "fix" to ease his tortured soul. And he never did find inner peace.

And Muslims, for being so pious, are the cause for most the murder and terrorism we have had through the ages in the name of Allah, and today it continues. That's screwed up. Always has been.

Martin Luther King, Jr. had it right, not X.

You can't achieve peace with hate in your heart. Just doesn't work, people. And that is what he did, or tried to do. In the end, he only damaged the cause for peace and desegregation. That point is proved in the end, when his own former advocates gunned him down.

Malcolm X's biggest legacy is Louis Farakan. A hate monger, pure and simple...not a holy man.

Well filmed, directed, but with the Spike Lee spin we've all grown to expect. In many ways, Spike adopts the same mindset as Malcolm X.

The best way to be free is to be free of hate, not the "White Devil".

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Truly Inspirational and Entertaining Documentary!, 13 October 2005


I just caught this film on HBO and thought it was great! A finely produced documentary featuring plenty of archival footage of Rosa Parks (The mother of the Civil Rights movement), Martin Luther King Jr. and other important figures of the time. Great narration featuring Mrs. Parks family and friends and other people who were involved with the civil rights movement, such as E.D. Nixon. With quality reenactments, like Mrs. Park's confrontation with the racist bus driver that sparked off the bus boycotts and started a revolution.

This film was thoroughly entertaining, inspirational and uplifting. I recommend this movie to anyone. Great entertainment and great background music to boot!

Mighty Times, yes they were!

Sideways (2004)
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Liked it...kinda..., 24 April 2005

I agree, this flick had many boring moments. I love character studies, and this movie was of that type. Movies of this type do plod along as a rule so I wasn't surprised.

But I did like it! I just wish the main characters would have gone through more of a transformation. Towards the happier side of life.

I liked the characters, they were real to me. Paul's character was overly depressed I think, though. Although he does seem to be moving on at the end. That was good.

I didn't find it all that pretentious. I mean, the guy's just into wine, like some people are into motorcycles or rock bands. But overall, worth a watch. Not bad.

"Lost" (2004)
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Fresh Interesting Show..., 9 January 2005

This is a really good program with very good writers. There are many subplots that keep you interested and waiting for next week for more answers to the many growing mysteries surrounding the island where a group of plane-crash survivors have wrecked.

I also like how the writers go into the history of each main character, making them more interesting for the watcher. This looks to be a hit.

There are a lot of mysterious goings-on at the island and a lot of drama between the characters of the show.

Great to have some TV that doesn't involve CSI, cops, lawyers or doctors!

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Fantastic Classic!!!!, 31 December 2004

This is the way all books should make their way to cinema! Cudos to Lord of The Rings! It surely deserved to sweep the academy awards as it did! Outrageously wonderful trio of films! Congratulations to Peter Jackson for bringing my favorite book to life in such a splendid way! The actors were fantastic as were the set designs, costuming, cgi, and everything else. Imagine...we put a man on the moon before this epic tome was able to make it to cinema. That just shows the scope of this awesome undertaking! And what a fantastic job they did. Never in my life did I think anyone would ever be able to do justice to the books. But they did! These movies are destined to become classics. They are movies to watch over and over again...

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Great horror it isn't..., 24 December 2004

This movie, like so many other horror movies, concentrated on total gore and shock to entertain, totally forgetting a good movie needs an original and engaging storyline. It wasn't horrible or great...just sadistic and pointless. Just when you think you might be getting interested, the story meanders into another mindless gore scene or boring, unentertaining dialog. I didn't hate it...I didn't particularly like it. I just found it pointless and unentertaining. I was going to turn it off a half hour into the film, but decided to watch the whole thing in order to give it a fair review. I did, and was unimpressed. While some of the filming, set design, etc. deserved a glance, nothing ultimately held my interest. The worst thing about this movie is the lousy screenplay. Period. I didn't sympathize nor care for any of the victims. The most interesting character, I thought, was Captain Spalding and that's not saying a lot. The film just plodded along, throwing in a gory scene every once in a while in an adolescent attempt to shock and horrify. But it was ineffective in it's attempts. This isn't good horror folks. It views more like some two-hour twisted music video than like a movie with any substance. But in all honesty, did anyone really expect anything different from Zombie. He's a musician, not a screenwriter. It basically was a poorly thought out mishmash of stuff we've all scene done before (though MUCH better) in the cult horror films of the seventies like "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and "Hills Have Eyes". It's basically just bad plagiarism... I said, I neither hated it or loved it. I was just bored.

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Terrible, 22 October 2003

This movie was terrible. Rotten cinematography, bad direction, poor storyline and run of the mill FX. If you want to see something in the same vein, although much better, try 1971's "The Omega Man", starring Charlton Heston.

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Terrible, 22 October 2003

This movie was terrible. Rotten cinematography, bad direction, poor storyline and run of the mill FX. If you want to see something in the same vein, although much better, try 1971's "The Omega Man", starring Charlton Heston.