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Newlyweds (2011)
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I loved this moving and would like to watch it again!, 2 January 2012

I really enjoyed this movie. I loved the scenes....the dialoque... Both sisters enraged me.... I thought Katie was beautiful and Buzzy was charming and sexy. I was wishing I was Katie many times throughout the movie. I will work for free if I can pretend to be married to a character played by Ed Burns. ;)I wanted to choke Linda, but I felt bad for her. I was excited for Marsha's new adventures... All the characters were awesome...they drew me in and made me feel their emotions. I didn't want it to end. I wanted more of these characters and more of the city. I thoroughly enjoyed all the scenes in the restaurants and on the city streets. I thought the movie was shot well. The sounds in the movie were rich. The movie was very raw to a good way. I loved how the characters talked to the camera and said the things we were thinking. It relieved that feeling of frustration your normally get when watching movies and the characters are annoying you. Awesome! I enjoyed Kerry Bishe in this movie more than in NGJ. She stirred up my emotions more in this movie. She played the part of Linda very well. She was so pathetic and yet bitchy. Good stuff.

I would watch this again... I have seen Purple Violets several times, which is another Ed Burns film. That is a fantastic movie as well. I liked Newlyweds just as much as Purple Violets and I liked both of those a bit more than Nice Guy Johnny. That might give this review perspective.

Overall, a well made, interesting film that has left me wanting more of these characters. Perhaps a cable/web series to expound on these characters. Congrats EB!!!!