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My Anticipation Transformed Into Disappointment, 6 July 2007

This movie was definitely a disappointment. The original Transformers: The Movie was AWESOME, and to this day still remains one of my favorites.

THIS movie was a special effects monster with much to be desired in the way of plot and storyline. It kept switching between being a film that took itself seriously and being downright cartoony. Furthermore, references to the first movie and original cartoon series were very forced.

The worst part? The credits tell us it is based on the action figures manufactured by Hasbro, not on the original series or ideas. Guess we know who bankrolled the movie.

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Up Close and Way Too Personal, 6 August 2004

I found this movie very dissapointing.

The plot was just fine -- a little transparent, but that was to be expected. But EVERYTHING was a close up!!!! I couldn't appreciate any of the action... because I COULDN'T SEE IT! Close ups have their place, they do, but not in EVERY SINGLE SCENE.

So, that really pretty much killed it for me. I recommend waiting for video. Or, if you must see it in the theatre, save a couple of dollars by seeing a matinee.

And as a final note -- I would be happier had they just stopped with the Bourne Identity. It was good as a stand alone. This one was transparent, and kind of weak.

And I really do hope I can get the imagery of every single pore of Matt Damon's face out of my memory banks. SHEESH!

Hulk (2003)
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Better than I expected., 28 November 2003

I must say, it was better than I expected it would be. The special effects were wonderful, and as far as I could tell it was a pretty accurate portrayal of his abilities. If you haven't seen it, let me give you fair warning that they do take some liberties with the storyline -- but what they came up with was nonetheless plausible. I especially liked that it didn't get boring -- it was fast-paced, and they did an interesing comic-book styling as far as scene switching and framework. All in all, quality entertainment. :-D

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I think it's an insult to the original!, 21 October 2003

I saw Charlie's Angels Full Throttle today -- it was an insult to the original! While Diaz, Liu and Barrymore are sexy women, none of them holds a candle to a classic like Farrah Fawcett.

The movie was one situation after another that put them in ridiculous costumes and weird sexual innuendo. Correction: BAD weird sexual innuendo.

And Demi Moore as the angel-turned-bad? Blah! Again, a sexy woman, but substandard acting: her performance was flat and passionless.

As for the fight scenes: the martial arts were HORRIBLE! It was a badly choreographed computer-generated matrix-esque MESS! Incidentally, I never went to see Charlies Angels in the theater because the previews made it look so corny -- and even they didn't do justice to the depths of corniness of this atrocity! The ONLY nifty part of the movie -- the anti-angel solo (Moore) had two golden DesertEagle50s! *droooooooooooooool* Now THOSE were cool!

Underworld (2003)
It's all about racism.. - Spoilers., 21 October 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I thought it had pretty decent plot development, was dark enough without being too dark, and I liked the female lead. It was a little lacking in story details, though. Be advised I give away some of the storyline in this post, so if you haven't seen it skip the next two paragraphs.

In the end, I gathered it to be not only "Romeo & Juliet"-esque, but also to be a bit of an allegory for racism. The werewolves started out as slaves for the vampires, watching over them during the day and whatnot. One slave fell in love with the slave master's daughter, and a child was conceived (and dubbed an "abomination"). When said slave master, Viktor, was "awakened" from his slumber, he even seemed to talk with a bit of a southern accent. Anyway, slave was whipped, daughter & baby were killed in front of him, the slaves rebel and a war starts when the vampires start hunting them. And lynching them with silver bullets.

And it turns out that they all had a common ancestor, and their condition was a mutated plague virus. So, they were the same, but different.

So yeah, allegory for racism. But maybe that's only my take on it. ;-)

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I love the originality of using riddles as a suspense mechanism!, 21 October 2003

If you enjoy riddles and suspense, you will enjoy this movie. Truth be told it was mostly the Adrian Paul part that got me to pick it up, I knew almost nothing about the movie beforehand. Plot is: Sarah (Carly Pope), a student of philosophy and metaphysics, starts playing a mysterious riddle game trying to figure out "the reason" and gets involved in "the game" by solving riddles. Vern (Adrian Paul) is a shop owner, also a riddle fanatic, and also gets entangled in the game. Myth has it that if you solve the game, the meaning of existence (referred to as "The Design") is revealed. Brendan Fehr's character is a "village idiot" type hanging around the shop who turns out to be more than he seems. All in all, I thought the movie was pretty well done. And it's definitely an original concept, a rare find these days! I personally happen to like riddles and puns, so while most of them weren't very difficult, it was still a fun movie. Well worth the rental.

So, if you haven't seen it -- get it! :-D