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Mammuth (2010)
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different, 21 August 2010

there are ways and ways to tell a story. Here the two talented directors tried to prove to everyone that everyone's worth watching. like many movies, this one, depending mainly on your mood at the precise time you "encounter" it, will either disgust you or mesmerize you. I sort of loved it, from the beginning till the very end. Pathetics scenes are meant to be pathetic, showing us all of our lives are meaningless and ridiculous from time to time. Though I'm not much into Adjani, Yolande Moreau's acting, for instance is astounding, and unique, almost moving in its "uselessness". The thing is you have to throw away all your prejudices against "people of no importance" before watching this, because if you don't, you will be indeed disappointed and/or upset about losing your time and your money. gave it 8/10, because of its originality, nasty yet tender humor and Yolande Moreau's lines.

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deserves more..., 11 April 2004

I was pleasantly surprised to watch such a good french animation movie this year. Unfortunately it looks like it hasn't got the audience it deserved. I think that's because it's completely different from what the french have been making lately. First, on technical terms ( rather dark flat tints with no shades) and then, from the story line (a mere pirate story without much action, but interesting though). The hero, called "the kid", is struggling with problems and doubts any teenager has, and that is precisely what the movie is focusing on. Thus, too young children will not be able to understand everything. Actually i have been glad to watch, at last, a french animated film meant for people over 7! This is rare enough to be noticed, and that is why i advise everyone to take a look at it, whether they like "les triplettes" (which i found ridiculous and pathetically slow...) and "kirikou" or not.

rated it 7 out of 10.

Mischka (2002)
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Avoid this at all cost!, 2 January 2004

Let's try to be "objective". This movie is one of "my" worst cinema experience in my whole life. Full of easy clichés about french country(it takes place in southwestern France, where i come from, and i can tell you it's painful...), stupid and simply ugly, It doesn't deserve any attention from anyone who has a little taste. What made me even more angry is that it's been acclaimed as "the best french movie of 2002" by lots of critics...

The introduction itself is a "pure" one : an old granpa (Mischka), wearing a stinky night-gown, is almost deliberately left hanging in a gas station by is redneck of a son (here we call them "beaufs"). Just like a dog. He's been so far precisely carried on to vacations in the truck of the car. The family leaves and realize Mischka is missing. His son decides not to go back, cause he's sure the old geezer will find his way alone... If that's not a "good" start i don't know what it is... If it was possible to give a 0 to a single movie in all the IMDb, i would choose this one without any hesitation. I hope i remained "objective" enough, though... my apologies to those who liked this one.

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A difficult choice to make, 1 January 2004

Amongst the few people who saw it i'm surprised to be the one who liked "millennium mambo" the most. You will too if you keep to looking for beautiful music, sets and colors. Some will instantly fall in love with the main actress, too. Unfortunately, the story is a bit too plain too convince. And the lack from dialogues doesn't really help as well. It's true that "all the talk about girls and drugs in asian clubs" doesn't necessarily need some but... I've never been a real fan of highly "brained" movies, and that's why i liked it. Not everyone will. Now you're warned. The choice i was talking about in the summary is wether you want to get experienced in contemporary "fantasied" hong kong cinema, or not. My advice would be to watch it on a boring and/or quiet saturday night, with 2 or 3 friends, just to realize how it's cool to feel at home.

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shut your ears..., 24 December 2003

This is a very interesting documentary about the Papin Sisters, maids who violently and "unconsciously" butchered their mistress and her daughter in Le Mans, France, in the 20's. The trick is to shut off the whispered commentaries of the director, which made ME want to kill someone, and put the subtitles on if you can. Please do, Human lives will be spared...

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Boring, simply very boring..., 24 December 2003

I saw this movie two weeks ago at the "festival des nouvelles images du Japon" in Paris. Though i wasn't expecting much from it, i have to say i've been disappointed just like many people in the audience... if i wanted to sum up how i felt, i'd say i've been comparing it to princess mononoke and nausicaa from the beginning to the end. Of course it's silly. But i couldn't help it. The stories are quite different, but the worlds pictured are very much alike. And from this point of view, "a tree of palme" definitely can't stand the comparison with Miyazaki's masterworks. Even if it's quite good technically, boredom remains... in the end its complete lack of originality makes me advise you not to care to watch it. I rated it 2 out of 10 (a bit harsh, i guess it deserves 3 or 4)

The Squale (2000)
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Gross, 24 December 2003

As a "middle class" French, i started to feel embarrassed to define this movie as one of the worst i've ever seen... But i held on and now i can scream it freely. The end is over pathetic and disgusting, the acting is bad, and worst, as it's still cool to play feminist no one will dare to say that girl, désirée, is as bad, violent and stupid as everyone around her. This is not a matter of self defence, it's just common sense. I hate those kind of guys, and even more the girls who desperately try to look like them. Avoid this film please. Whether you're French or not, rich or poor doesn't matter. Here we call this kind of movies "navet", a turnip. It means this is tripe.

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those films you don't forget, 24 December 2003

This is one of the first movies i saw when i moved to Paris 3 years ago, and after hundreds of other ones, i couldn't tell why it still keeps a special place in my heart. Maybe it's Sylvie Testud's acting, absolutely astonishing, or the disturbing end, i don't know. The fact is i didn't forget and that's why i'm writing it here. This is a film to be watched, but maybe not to be loved... I rated it 8/10, cause of the memory, and Sylvie Testud, whom from this time i don't miss any film she plays in.

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not as fun as expected, 23 December 2003

I ended up going to see that movie cause i sort of like Laurent Baffie's nasty humor. And at the beginning i have to say there is nothing to be disappointed about. Unfortunately after half an hour you realize you don't laugh anymore and little by little it gets longer and longer. Even if you're aware that the film is purposely pointless ( who would care about a guy who lost his car keys?) you cannot but let go big yawns during the strange scenes and (yes) the few good ideas. I clearly understood good ideas don't necessarily make good movies. Just do as the trailers say : "don't go see that s**t!" Now you're warned...

i rated it 5 out of 10 cause of this terrific tagline. Yes sometimes taglines work...

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an excellent first movie, 4 November 2003

Well, if you keep in mind this cute movie in NOT from Miyazaki, but the first work as director of 30 year-old or something Morita Hiroyuki, you couldn't but like it a lot. Of course it is a bit short, of course the script is not perfect, but the animation is good, the voices are great, and as i said, just like "kiki's delivery service", everything is "hell of cute". This film is very promising, and as long as you don't expect too much from it, you will have a great great time, trust me.

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