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I'm still waiting and waiting. One of the Best TV Shows of the 70s, 25 August 2011

This was one of my all time favourites. It is where I fell in love with Bruce.

The acting was suburb. The one scene that stands out for me was when Fiona was either being raped or sexually harassed. She had that look on her face that showed a multitude of emotions: fear, indignation (how dare you), and that she was flattered (thinking she was beyond the age that someone would think her attractive).

The other episode I remember was when Bruce's sister in the show was stung by a Bee and almost died. This was when I first realized that people could be allergic to Bee stings.

Why, Why is this not out on DVD yet? It is only 2 seasons. I'd love for it to also have plenty of interviews with Cast & crew. And to see how Bruce fell in love and married his first wife was interesting, considering they were brother & sister on the show.

Please bring this out on DVD soon.

Need to see this again, and again and again. -, 25 August 2011

Sorry, this is the right review. Scarecrow is a great show and I'm so glad to see it out on DVD.

I love the intrigue and the love story between the two main characters. I'm about to watch the 1st season and I'm looking forward to seeing Bruce & Kate in this show again.

I just purchased, the second season and I'm waiting for S3 & S4 to come out.

Bruce is one of my all time favourites, after Jimmy Stewart.

Just waiting for the series he was first in to come out on DVD. "How the West was Won" with James Arness & Bruce in it on DVD and I'll be really happy.