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Extremely uneven, literally dark!, 1 August 2005

My 5-year-old son enjoyed this, although he refused to wear the 3D glasses. I enjoyed parts of it, but the plot needed tightening and the Planet Drool truly needed more light. As for the acting: only Linus/Minus really did any that was worth watching; I feel that the actor who played Max was badly miscast, earning more pity than empathy. As for the two Taylors: Shark Boy came across as sulky rather than macho, and Lava Girl reminded me of a badly shot commercial for some kind of off-brand doll. The parents were useless and their scenes bogged down what action there was; George Lopez had some good moments, struggling to emerge from those that were merely tiresome. It is a pity that this film was so poorly realised, because the story itself was fascinating and, in the right hands, would have been amazing.