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Nothing makes me more ok with being alive than seeing a documentary about interesting human beings. Watch these for a brief feeling of hope for us all.
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Hit pause at any point and frame it on the wall. These are the most beautiful films ever made.
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Although there were a few bright spots in the past, over the last 10 years television has transformed from essentially an artistically barren wasteland into a medium that often surpasses motion pictures. Here's what I think is the best of the best, more or less in order.
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Sometimes a movie's flaws are what makes it great. So far in life I've come across less than 100 movies that I'd call perfect. These aren't those movies. These are all the ones I've rated 9 stars, just short of perfection, but sill endlessly watchable and enjoyable.
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Because there aren't any kwanzaa movies
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I'll just come right out and say it - I don't like Bergman. The Seventh Seal is on here because I'm not a monster, but this list is lighter on the Ingmar than most others.

I made a separate list of Great Spanish Language Movies which is why you won't find any movies from Spain here.
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If you only see 63 movies in your lifetime...
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OK so it turned into 13 brilliant movies plus one asterisk. If you like trains and you like movies you should watch these.
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The movies that have made me laugh the most over the years. A couple of them are comedians' stand-up specials which is kinda cheating, but it's my list, what are you gonna do?
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I'm a sucker for a beautifully filmed snow scene. These are my favorite snowy movies to watch late at night curled up on the couch with a blanket and some hot chocolate.
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This one's still a work in progress. I haven't seen that many - suggestions welcome.
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Please leave a comment and let me know how they stack up to your favorites.
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They really don't start sucking until you get past the first 60 or so on the list
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Everybody has a list of favorite directors. To make this one a little different, rather than just a Top 25 list, I've listed 3 good reasons why they're the best.
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Statistically, that is. I'm sure you've seen a handful of these, but none of them has over 10,000 ratings. For perspective, Shawshank has close to 1 million. Which is a shame because these are movies that I can't recommend strongly enough. They're all English language feature films, plus 4 criminally under-seen documentaries for good measure. I bet no one has seen all 50. How many have you seen?
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The idea of being locked up has inspired a ton of great movies. These are my favorite prison movies, more or less in order.