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Behold the list of all the poorly known horrors of my generation. If I miss a few movies, comment below on what I should add next.
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the shows that are fogotten
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If anyone likes these people on the list, then I'd suggest you look for a better role model. These are people that I just don't like and that they should have not been in the career of film and music.
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A complete list of the goriest movies ever existed. Not on IMDb:
The Butcher 1&2 (Maik Ude)
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A whole list of my films with I rated around 1 or 2 (including movies that some like). It's all mixed opinions.

Not Featured on IMDb:

The Killer Walks Among Us (Justin French)
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There are so many reasons wrong with Twilight, and my upcoming video is a reason why I won't explain in this list. If you have movie night and you choose to watch a vampire movie to watch, just say no to Twilight.
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Some of the worst rip-offs to ever imagine on film. They are not even a guilty pleasure, but some on this list that are so bad, that they could be guilty pleasures. All The Asylum films I have seen are not part of them.
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Warning: Features the whole cast of Twilight in this whole list (except some that don't have their own page). Team Jacob or Team Edward: BE GONE!
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forgotten films that are animated
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This is just opinion, not fact everyone.
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the top 50 things i don't like about horror.
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this list describes the things of how good, worst, disturbing, ugly shows, movies are.
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movies that are cool, contain murder and all cool stuff.

PS the OK ones.