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Carriers (2009)
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Decent Thriller, 4 September 2009

It's hard for me to precisely categorize this movie. Drama? Sure. Thriller? For sure. Horror? Mmm, I don't think so. It's funny, because it's hard not to label the movie horror, seeing as how it deals with a grotesque infection, that spreads worldwide terror and brings civilization to its knees. However, the infected aren't the antagonists here. Once you've been infected, you're basically already dead.

Ultimately I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. After reading other comments here, it seems the general consensus is that the pace is too sluggish. I'd have to agree that it was a long 90 minutes, but as someone who is prone to falling asleep during movies, especially after an 8 hour shift, my interest was effortlessly sustained throughout the movie.

The production values here are top notch. I was never bothered by bad acting (or at least too bad). The cast fit my tastes, maybe only falling short with Piper Perabo, but that would only be nit-picking. The photography wasn't jaw-dropping, or even slightly innovative, but it was still more than adequate.

What actually impressed me most was the writing. There are some real gems in there, but mentioning them would be spoiling some great scenes. I seemed to sense some anti-religious or religious undertones, however I honestly can't decide which. I suppose that's what I liked so much about it, the morality was left quite vague.

Anyway, a solid effort. It's possibly lacking some more gore, and action, but that also could have just made it tasteless. I would recommend this to anyone who's a fan of biological horror, but I'd say ultimately you should see it for the story, and not the action.

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I got what I wanted, 20 May 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie was definitely not perfect. The story was incredibly weak, flat out. I expected it to be a little deeper, considering most people rolled their eyes at terminator number 3, and i didn't expect it to get any more plain. It's pretty damn cut and dry here, though.

My favorite aspect of the movie was the photography/sound. This is why it's a nine for me, as visuals and atmosphere are what I like to focus on. When I saw the trailer, I knew it had the potential to create this weird, post-apocalyptic war zone. It definitely succeeded. One shot in particular appears to go on for about five minutes, following Bale through some rough times. Obviously it would have been impossible to film it in one take, but I thought it came together really well.

The CGI blended very nicely as well. The past few blockbuster movies have really changed my mind about CGI, and this one is no exception. The giant robots were intense, and Marcus with half his face shot off and a hole in his head looked pretty sweet.

I also liked the acting. I think many will disagree, but I really liked the cast. Yelchin I never really liked, but aside from some cheesy dialog I was into him as Kyle Reese. Bale was obviously satisfying, but Sam Worthington really surprised me. I didn't think I would like him, but I really got into his character, one of the stronger parts of the storyline I thought. Moon was questionable, but I also did not have a single problem with her acting. Common was a mistake. Who the hell hires this guy? Really poor choice there.

What did it for me was the atmosphere. The photographer takes obvious advantage of the scenery, but it works perfectly and really put me in the world of terminator. I would definitely recommend it for this reason. Don't go looking for a deep story, just go to be put in a completely new and different world for a couple of hours.

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Solid piece., 11 May 2008

I was able to see this movie at the Portland International Film Festival. I'm a huge fan of Asian cinema, particularly Japanese and Korean films. Before this, I had seen very little from the Chinese, and i must say this is a great introduction to China's promising film-making talent. Not one scene of this movie bored me, as i thought it certainly would. The majority of the movie follows the main characters imprisonment in the isolated village, and her numerous attempts to escape until the final, abrupt yet amazing, ending. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who enjoys great cinema, and i personally can't wait until i get my hands on this movie. Ironically, i saw this with my girlfriend on valentine's day. Talk about silly.

Sunshine (2007)
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Just be quiet, and dig it, 30 July 2007

I have a feeling the wrong people are commenting on this flick. I hear a lot of either ' this is an awesome flick ruined by the third act,' and, 'stunning visuals, but not a great story.' When it comes down to it, this movie is absolutely fantastic. First off, the visuals, are hands down the main attraction of the movie. People have been trying to say 'oh yeah, it's like 2001...' but it's not. Its like 2001 after eating twenty grams of mushrooms. It is down right mind boggling. As far as the story is concerned, shut your mouth. If you want something with realism, go see a documentary. It's a sci-fi movie, things that happen are going to be hard to believe. I was never let down the entire movie, and having had little sleep the night before, i should have been snoozing. But instead, my eyes were like dinner plates the entire way through. Right up until the song at the credits, which is one of the best sounds to roll out with after such a trip. I'm seriously struggling to say this isn't my favorite my movie of all time. If you want a complex story, go see some stupid period piece. If you want an enjoyable movie, go see this.

P.S. - as much as i like cillian murphy, i got to hand it to the guy that played the psychiatrist, that man is nuts