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I've been plotting out a live action large Young Justice television series. I imagine it would be very much like or in the style of Smallville but with more real overall plot and less "villains of the week".

After Robin is hurt in battle, and investigations begin on Superboy in Smallville both are sent to live with Nightwing in Bludhaven. Wonder Girl joins them as Wonder Woman thinks it's time she experiences real school. They're simply their to go to school but they can not help but help out the city and take down criminals. Nightwing then becomes their teacher and protector. Other hero's learn about their hero stable and come to join them as they deal with high school, growing up, love, and putting their lives on the line, dressing up in costumes, and fighting crime.
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Basically I've just been throwing around the thought of a new Batman television series, that I initially began thinking of as an animated series to match the old 'Batman: The Animated Series' intensity and grittiness, and bring life back to what animated series used to be. I then just thought what if we got a live action Batman series? So I've been picking it apart in my mind and coming up with a fantasy cast, and thinking up plots, and story points and such. So if nobody minds I'd like to put my cast idea out there to maybe get some thoughts on it, and suggestions, I would love suggestions for changes and such. I'm also really just using Imdb to store my cast. Lol, now keep in mind this is a fictional cast, so some casting may seem out there with big names, but I don't think I've really chosen anyone too 'A-List' or anything.