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Sure, I usually wait for the DVD, but these are my favorite shows of all time.
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From now on, I want all the music history I know to come from books or documentaries such as the ones listed here. I've either sat through these or plan to.
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Welcome to my "third list". Here on IMDb, I've grown tired of the ratings system.

Instead of trying to assign a specific number to the extent to which I did or did not like a movie, I'm going to go the way of YouTube - do I "like" the movie or not?

This binary system is much simpler, even if it's lacking in a few features. Here's a more specific breakdown:

10 - I liked it. If necessary I will explain the extent to which I liked it.

1 - I didn't like it. If necessary I will explain the extent to which I disliked it.

No rating given - I had such a mixed attitude that I didn't quite "like" it as much as I would, well, like or didn't quite "dislike" it to the same degree.

This list is for all those I haven't given a rating to. Bear in mind I don't think these movies are just passable and I don't hate or like them at all - some of them I do like, just not enough for me to want to say, "I like it." The same goes for the ones I don't like.

This list is for movies I disliked but not enough to hate, and movies I liked but not enough to love. I just didn't care to find which number rating best conveyed my feelings either way because I found it too freakin' hard.

I consider these titles to have been rated just like the ones you can find if you click "See all N ratings" on my profile. So add the number there (for some reason the number actually listed on my profile is 9 more than I have rated, so keep that in mind) with the number of titles on this list, minus 2 (you'll find out why if you read through this list), to get the true number of things I've sat through so far that I've been able to remember.
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Christopher Nolan is without a doubt one of the greatest film directors of all time. All of his films with him as director are very highly-regarded by the users of this site, and since I've yet to find one I don't like, I thought I'd create a list in his honor of films that he has directed that I've experienced.

NOTE: If he didn't direct it it's not on this list. I am excluding other films where he functioned in any capacity that did not include being director. So in other words, movies he only wrote or produced, no matter how good they are (TBH I can't imagine they would suck anyway), don't belong on this list.
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My must-see list of horror films.

Yes, I realize not all of them are horror per se, but some of them are connected in some way to the genre.
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