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Loved It!, 22 May 2016

Space Brothers surprised me positively. It's thrilling as a space movie should be, the story is better than similar movies, and the acting is pretty good. It begins with two kids finding a hobby they love and explores where a dream or lack of it can take people to.

Shun Oguri is great as the older brother. It's fun to watch him change gears between childish, thoughtful, miserable, and satisfied. He's surprisingly good at portraying a wide range of emotions in a single character and shines in a couple of dramatic scenes. There's this shampoo scene of his character that made me seriously laugh, which was a first for me in a space movie. Masaka Okada plays the younger brother and thankfully, he pulled off this one critical moment in the movie: If the most dramatic space moment in a space movie is bland, then that movie is over for me! This wasn't the case.

Space Brothers has a slightly different pace and sense than similar movies and I liked that. It has small faults but the brothers theme worked well and it's a good watch!

Solace (2015/II)
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Liked it a lot!, 10 January 2016

Anthony Hopkins plays a role only Anthony Hopkins could play! His psychic character with a medical background will be unforgettable for me. The age of the character, his calmness clashing with restlessness, I just loved it! I also loved Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the detective, especially his ending performance, and Abbie Cornish in her role.

What I care about most in this type of movie is that you should get a feeling of you've known the characters and Solace pulled that off. The plot does have some unoriginal elements which oddly didn't disturb me and some details I'm actually not used to seeing in such movies. The story pulled me in and made me think, especially because of a condition that I have. You would think about life, death, and choices in an interesting way, supported by a soundtrack which was great in my opinion.

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Two Different Minds, Two Different Ways, 29 November 2014

Before I watched the movie, I read a review which said this movie fails to reflect scientists as they are, just like Big Bang Theory. I agree about Big Bang Theory (no offense, fans) but I have to disagree about this movie! It captures the minds of the two scientists well: The endless enthusiasm that makes Humboldt travel to the ends of the world, and the love of thinking and math Gauss has...The two share the problem of being different than others surrounding them, and the movie contrasts their personalities and fields, which I liked.

Two scenes affected me especially (don't worry, no major spoilers): The tooth extraction scene of Gauss and what he thinks over it, and when the two men talk about how curiosity stays...Having the mind of a scientist myself, the movie touched me!

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Great Jesus, OK Script, 5 November 2014

Florian David Fitz is capable of expressing heavy feelings so I was curious about how he would play Jesus. Well, he played him realistically! Good willed, having deep thoughts, suffering, plus he looked amazing. An actor should have emotional depth to pull off Jesus and Fitz has it.

The script, on the other hand, was a roller-coaster for me. There were scenes that made me seriously think and feel but they were scattered around the movie. I could have been wowed by a story like this if Fitz handled the script more intensely, putting more emphasis on the philosophical side and on the main characters (He's the screenwriter/director himself). He shined as Jesus but we could only see bits of it.

I laughed a couple of times, like at the disappearance of Satan, which is a good sign because it's hard to make me laugh...Overall, it's a good-enough directing debut for the main actor and worth giving a chance.

Kiss me Kismet (2006) (TV)
Fun Look at German-Turk Love, 9 June 2014

I watched this movie as a Turkish woman who is about to get married to her German boyfriend. I had much fun :) Culture difference between Germans and Turks is big and some scenes in the movie reflect so well how nerve wracking and crazy that can get for a couple. Still, the movie is not so dramatic. It's simply fun to watch with some cool romantic scenes here and there, like the Berlin skyline scene with music from the car :)

I find Götz, the German boyfriend (whose name means nearly "ass" in Turkish) a well crafted character. Actually Florian David Fitz who plays Götz brought me to this movie and he pulled Götz off with grace. Aylin, the Turkish girl played by a non-Turkish actress, is more of a shallow character. Wish they put more emphasis on her. A gem was Charly Hübner as Horst, the cynical best friend! Quoting: "Die Welt is schlecht, Frauen sind böse, and Maenner sind dumm." (The world is bad, women are evil, men are stupid.) Also found Katrin Sass as Götz' mother realistic and well played.

Some people say this movie is a little racist, stereotyping Turkish people. Yeah, stereotypical, but I didn't get offended as a Turkish person watching it.

Great Movie, 3 June 2014

A lot of people are not keen on watching Korean movies. The language sounds weird the first time you hear, the style is something that you're not used to, but I'm very happy that I gave this movie a chance. It's a sincere and sweet romantic comedy and it's much better than a lot of movies in this style. The scenes and emotions are not pushed but feel natural. The acting from both leads in most scenes is really good. On top of that, it's a movie about dancing and the leads can dance well, they have good posture, etc. Their body types are correct for it, too. Especially the guy looked great as a dancer! You don't feel like they took two celebrities and just put them in shiny dancing clothes.

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Surprisingly good and funny!, 10 May 2014

I watched Swing Girls in parts. Part 1: I thought this movie can never turn out to be good. Part 2: I started laughing, funny scenes. Part 3: It got really interesting and I finished the movie delighted.

The movie flows very naturally. Highschool students are depicted as they are: They make stupid mistakes, they have fun, they play tricks, and that pulls you into the story. It's like watching a very fun documentary about their musical journey. A lot of types are there: The delinquent rock girls, the shy one, etc. and they fit their roles perfectly that you don't get a feeling they're in the movie just that their type was needed. There's also a great jazz session at some point.

If you think the movies you watched about high school contests were not realistic or funny enough, you should watch this! Watched it as an adult and loved it.

Killer Joe (2011)
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What Have I Just Watched ?!, 4 May 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I don't want to be offensive but my honest reaction to this movie was "What the beep have I just watched?!" And that was a first in my life. I missed the beginning of the movie, though.

Joe is this weird, weird character who is brutal yet talks very formal and in a "respectful" way. -MINOR SPOILER- And the family in the movie is OK with their own son/brother possibly dying (That's not a major plot reveal, it's obvious). When the son gets hurt and is bleeding all over, they say "good night" and go to bed! -MINOR SPOILER END- All characters are so troubled that there's no single one you feel close to. And then there's the violence and murders. I was so depressed after watching this one that I had to go watch another movie. The ending was kind of interesting, though. The look on Joe's face...

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Good Movie with Twist, 4 May 2014

I saw Adult World by chance on a movie channel. I like Emma Roberts and her natural character(no loads of make-up, no fancy clothes) got me interested in the movie which itself has a casual vibe. She plays Amy, wanna be poet with questionable talent and no life experience who ends up working at a sex shop- which she thinks is inferior to her talent. But from that shop, a new life is born and that will give her a few lessons.

The story is realistic, so is the ending, something you can't always find in big budget movies. There's also a brutal twist which I really liked. Emma Roberts portrays the enthusiastic, hot tempered Amy so well and all other actors do a good job. I especially liked Armando Riesco's take on Rubia, the cross-dresser Amy makes friends with. If you're looking for love, it's also included nicely. Overall, I had fun.

Don Jon (2013)
A good watch that makes you explore, 12 February 2014

I'm a woman and I think this movie deserves more stars than it got on here. I gave it an 8. It takes an objective look at the relationship between a person and porn. Porn can indeed be an addiction. It's just like smoking when you want to feel good- once you're used to it, you can't give it up even if it affects your relationships.

I don't think porn is ultimately bad, neither does this movie probably. The movie does make a point that good sex brought by a good relationship can be much better than porn and can replace porn...It depends on how you think about it: The main character likes porn more than real sex. Is that a problem, a bad thing? This movie takes a side slightly saying yes, but it doesn't push it down your throat. You can explore.

Overall, I liked the movie. It made me think about this whole porn thing and expectations from sex in general. Joseph Gordon-Lewitt did a nice job, so did Scarlett Johansson. You can watch Scarlett here acting as a slightly vicious character and that's a change. Julianne Moore did great as the older woman who is troubled but charming. A good watch.

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