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Not even close, 27 March 2004

This Tv show is okay, but nowhere near as good as the movie. After watching the 1st 4 episodes, I was not very entertained. The characters are nowhere near as cool and innovative as the movie, but try too hard to be, and the story is pretty mediocre. Jubei has this new power where all he has to do is draw his sword and people are sliced in half. And theres all these pointless duels by characters who have lame powers (tree girl, girl with long hair that can control her hair, translucent glowing guy who controls moths, cat girl etc.) They even have robots and all this other crap that shouldn't be in Ninja Scroll. Every villain in the movie was really cool. Sadly everyone on the show is lame.

Intense, 25 March 2004

I am a huge fan of Romero's Dead movies and I must say this movie gets my full approval. I was completely hooked from the beginning. The fact that the whole movie was shot in my hometown also added a lot of enjoyment to the movie, the beginning sequence looked like it was happening in my neighborhood, which was really cool. The idea of running zombies made me hesitant at first, but they served the story well. The only complaint I would have is I wish it were longer, and I was expecting a biker gang to crash the mall, but those complaints are very minor. Solid movie from start to finish, don't miss it in theatres. I'm very interested to see how the new resident evil will compare to this.

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Awesome, 18 February 2004

This was an awesome show that I'd wake up at 6am for. Why'd it end? Did anyone see the last episode? Was there any ending to the show? The comic was incredible but I think it was only one issue and Rusty came only at the very end. That sucked and I wish Darrow and Miller made more. Darrow's illustrations are incredible. He also designed the matrix sentinels and other mechanical devices such as the gun used to suck out the bugs and the Nebucannezzar. Geoff's comic illustrations are so detailed he draws on huge sheets of paper that are then condensed to comic size pages. I also noticed while watching this show that Rusty and Bobby Hill from King of the Hill have the same voice. Cool.

Dig Dug (1982) (VG)
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Old Skool Fun, 23 December 2003

I used to play this game as a kid on my pc junior. Instead of blowing up all the bad guys right away I used to dig mazes through the whole level. Don't ask me why but it was fun doing that. I played Dig Dug recently though, but after the first level I could'nt play anymore it was too boring. I couldn't believe how much I used to play that game. I guess when there are games like soul calubur 2 and SSX 3 a game like dig dug is useless:(

Overrated, 20 December 2003

This whole trilogy is hugely overrated. The movies have absolutely no intensity and the characters suck pretty bad. I must admit Legolas is okay and Aragorn is alright but all those hobbits make me want to punch them in the face, especially Frodo. The story really sucks too. There are no plot twists or any kind of suspense at all. The characters have no personality and are boring. The plot plods along at an extremely slow pace. Especially the parts with Frodo and the ring. The war scenes in the 3rd movie were pretty cool but didn't make up for the rest of the crap. They should have released all 3 movies in one 3 hour movie then it might have been pretty cool. I am a big fan of fantasy and movies with war scenes like Last Samurai and Gladiator (way better than lotr) but I must say Lotr as a whole was a huge dissapointment. I can't believe all the praise these movies are getting. Is there anyone out there who agrees with me? I don't think there is. This is madness. And the IMDb rankings of these movies are a joke. To sum up, great special effects (big deal) awesome looking, but other than that, pretty ho hum storywise. HUGELY OVERRATED!!!!

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Satan 4ever, 20 December 2003

I just picked up this dvd and haven't laughed as hard in a while. Already showed it to three different friends on 2 occasions. Kage and Jables rule. They know how to make some damn funny songs (infinitely funnier than Weird Al and Adam Sandler) AND they have mad talent musically as well. I wish they had more stuff out. JB's pretty good on Mr. Show too. If anybody out there likes the D they'd probably like Mr.Show too. BUY THE DVDS

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Funny @$$ show, 29 October 2003

Chris Eliot is a comic genius. I wish they would release this whole series on dvd. It was the funniest show next to the simpsons when it was on. My favorite episodes were the father/son american gladiators, the toolbelt wars, and handsome boy modeling school.

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Kill Bill Kills, 25 October 2003

Kill Bill is the shiz nit. I went twice already. A lot of people walked out on this movie cause I guess they couldn't stomach the violence. But if you like kung fu movies this movie is a must see. It has the best fighting sequence to date. Better than the burly brawl (which I thought couldn't be topped). And Go Go Yubari stole that movie. I can't get that 5678s song out of my head. Can't wait for part 2. Thats it, just go see it already.

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funniest sketch comedy ever, 25 October 2003

It is a crime that this show only lasted 4 seasons. This is the funniest sketch comedy EVER. Its destroys other funny sketch shows like In living color, SNL, The ben stiller show, monty python, dave chappelle, kids in the hall, and SCTV. Sketch comedy today is really weak. Shows like mad tv and the current snl are very tired and unfunny. Buy this show on dvd you won't be disappointed.

Underworld (2003)
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garbageworld, 20 October 2003

I saw this movie in the theatre as soon as it came out. I am a huge fan of horror movies and Vampire movies and was really hype to see this. However, after the 1st action sequence on the subway I knew this movie would be s***e. It is trying to be a mix of the matrix and blade but it fails miserably. The fighting in this movie is very badly choreographed, and the action is even worse. It's like Commando, where the bad guys just jump out from around the corner to be shot and the good guys have hundreds of bullets shot at them and are never hit. I really wanted this movie to be good but found it lacking on every level. Characters suck, story sucks, acting sucks, cliched, etc. Some dialogue made me laugh when I wasn't supposed to, and the Vampires love baring their teeth and making that hissing sound throughout this movie. How cheesy. If you want a good vampire flick, watch Near Dark, the Blade movies, or Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. ** out of *****